These are the 3 zodiac signs that have a high chance of getting married in 2023

2022 is coming to an end and a new year will soon begin. And for many singles, their dream is to find their match in 2023 and tie the knot. However, astrologers estimate that there are three zodiac signs that cannot be excluded from climbing the steps of the church in the new year.


As we read on, the following three zodiac signs are expected to experience great moments in 2023, and this is because it is very likely that they will climb the steps of the church (or the City Hall) with their loved one. The new year has good news and happy moments in store for them. That's why if you belong to one of the following three signs, maybe you should start looking for... a wedding dress or a suit, since the coming year can "mate" you forever!


This year you remain one of the favorites to dress up as a bride/groom as you will have Jupiter in your 17th house until 5/7. In the coming year, several representatives of your sign will make a new relationship or formalize the one they already have. Those who are in a stable relationship will think about marriage and this is actually a very good year to even become parents! 


Surely 2023 will be a very emotional year for you. Romance will dominate and direct you to find your other half (if you haven't already). Some of your sign will meet the love of their life and it is not at all unlikely that they will even marry him. If you are offered marriage or cohabitation, it would be good to say "yes", because with Jupiter in your 7th house from 17/5, this year is very favorable for you in this area.


2023 is a good year for Capricorns to formalize their relationship. With the new year, they should pay more attention to their partner and "tie" their relationship, as the new year is favorable for them. Those who are single souls, are very likely to find love from where they do not expect it. Maybe a person who will suddenly reappear in their life or a new one is what they have been waiting for so long. Besides, Zeus… says it clearly that this year they will "open a home"!