Venus in Cancer until 11/8 will favor all signs

Venus, the planet of beauty, harmony, love, romance, relationships, but also finances, passes into Cancer on 18/07/2022. It will remain in this sign until 11/08/2022.

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Relationships that started in the past, whether friendly or romantic, will now be judged for their viability. So you will see them either become more substantial, deep and stable, or they will disappear even faster than they appeared in your life. I am referring, of course, only to the new relationships that took place during the period of the influence of Aphrodite from Gemini. Aphrodite in Cancer is a deeply emotional, sensitive, devoted Venus who loves romance, is protective of her loved ones, takes care of the smallest detail in her relationships, is willing to get to know those she loves and hates the superficial and has no deep roots in the heart. That's why, even with heartache, he won't stay in a relationship where the other side doesn't show interest and emotion.

Who are favored and what we should watch out for

The signs that are particularly favored both emotionally and financially are the water signs, i.e. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. Tauruses and Virgos, Capricorns will be quite favored.

Let's see how Venus in Cancer will affect each sign or ascendant from 18/07/2022 to 11/08/2022


Venus in Cancer favors existing love relationships, but not so much new ones for your sign. On the contrary, you may be dazzled by a person, but in the process either the relationship does not materialize or it dissolves like a firework in the sky. If Venus in Cancer favors anything, it is matters of family and home. It is a good time to reconcile with relatives who may have had problems, spend more quality time with your family, take care of the home space and take care of its renewal and decoration. Just don't make a lot of expensive purchases and go out of budget!


The position of Venus in Cancer suits your kind and easy-going nature and helps you appear even more charming to others. Of course, sometimes you may seem a bit dogmatic or arrogant, but again your charm overshadows everything. It's a nice place to flirt and you can actually find people willing to hook up either on social media, in study spaces, in entertainment venues or even on an excursion. It is also a good place to advertise your work, the products of your work, to make your presence felt in the area you are moving, but also to take a trip or a three-day break away from the routine.


Venus leaving your sign will relieve you somewhat from the pressure you experienced in your personal relationships. Venus in Cancer is the Venus of security for you. You will feel more confident and secure about your choices, while you will want to prioritize yourself, as well as your finances, which can flourish under her influence if you make the appropriate moves and don't take risks. The biggest risk is to proceed with purchases of products or services that are not absolutely necessary for you. If you avoid impulse spending, you have nothing to fear. Also, beware of love gifts. You can show your emotion without spending.


Venus is moving into your sign and this is truly a gift from the universe at the given stage of your life when you are looking for something to inspire you, something to take you out of the harsh reality and something to excite you in life. For some it will be love, the rekindling of your relationship, an acquaintance, an improved appearance, a new financial deal, a new hobby that gives you joy, an excursion or a trip, an increase in your popularity. There are many scenarios and fortunately all positive, since Venus together with Jupiter hold the scepters of good fortune in traditional astrology.


Just before Venus moves into your sign on 18/7, she spends her time in your 12th Solar house, a more spiritual and psychological house that is not so connected to material pleasures. Unless we're talking about behind-the-scenes situations. If there is a secret love affair or secret financial deals. The above are favored. Otherwise it is not the most romantic time for your sign, but a time to improve your health physically, spiritually and mentally, do as much good as you can to others and seek more spiritual pleasures than material ones. For some it can also be a period after a break-up or a difficult situation on an emotional level where they mourn what is gone. But even this is a necessary stage in our evolution.


Venus moves into your friendly Cancer and favors both your love life and relationships with friends, partners and with people who share common goals, beliefs, dreams. She is a sweet Venus and her influence will be particularly beneficial in your relationships. In opposition to other difficult influences, Venus will create more harmonious conditions of cooperation and will favor collective work. You will feel the support of your friends and colleagues. Erotically it is offered to fill "gaps" in your relationship or to make a new acquaintance. Just don't rush.


Venus transits the highest point of your Solar chart, emphasizing more stable relationships or marriages than so much new discoveries. Unless these findings come from the career field. In general, it is an excellent position to shine in the professional field that each of you is engaged in, to get positive reviews from superiors and supervisors or to get a coveted promotion. It generally helps to get 'seen' more, so if you're looking to grow your clientele, reshape your professional profile and make your presence felt through advertising or social media, now is the time.


A particularly good position of Venus for your sign is the one that starts on 18/7 and lasts until 11/8. It opens your appetite for romantic adventures if you are alone, makes you more outgoing in interacting with others, more charming. It is a very helpful position to communicate with strangers, to promote your studies or professional plans, to be active on the internet or to see how through technology you can do your work better. Also, it sweetens your behavior and is a positive period to rekindle the relationship with your partner and friends.


With Venus' new position in Cancer, you may not be able to keep your cool, especially in romantic or professional relationships and partnerships that you feel are unfair. Venus in Cancer disturbs your emotional world, it can give rise to jealousies, obsessions, but also passions. Also, it is an influence that particularly concerns your finances. You may be reminded of some old debts or you may receive money that was owed to you a long time ago. It goes without saying that risks are not favored at any level either emotional or financial. You must also be very careful in your decisions not to confuse your emotions with your financial claims.


Venus takes a position in the relationship and marriage sector of your horoscope and enlivens your personal life. Now you will feel more desirable and can have more flirtations if you are single. If you are in a relationship, it is the right time to express your feelings warmly to your partner. Because by nature you are not particularly demonstrative in your everyday life, your partner may feel neglected. So use this wonderful influence to liven up your relationship. Its influence is also fantastic for public relations, for promoting your work or personality, to find the right partners to work for you.


Although it is not the most glamorous Venus in matters of love, the influence of Venus in Cancer for your own sign will nevertheless be particularly beneficial in the conditions of your work, in your relationships with your partners, your clients if you are freelancers and in general in your professional relationships. Of course, romances often blossom in the work environment as well. But in this case, be careful, because this mixing of work and love sometimes turns out to be fatal in both cases. Another thing that needs attention with the influence of Venus in Cancer is your physical condition. Because this period can push you more easily into sweet temptations and snacks, you can easily put on weight. On the contrary, if you pay a little attention and take care of yourself, everyone will notice your renewed appearance.


One of the best positions of Venus for you dear Pisces and one of the most erotic. And while you will have many opportunities for flirting and new acquaintances, you should be careful both with feelings and with money. Don't risk your wallet or your heart. Give a situation time to develop and don't fall head over heels for everything that shines. In any case, this period will be much more fun and will give you opportunities to enjoy and entertain yourself with your partner, friends, and children. From 18/7 to 11/8 is an ideal time for travel, vacations and to enjoy love more freely and receive greater satisfaction.