Attention should be paid to the square of Mercury with Pluto, it is an aspect that will bring inner turmoil, thoughts may be confused, cunning, suspicious, there should be no scope for questioning. It is possible that revealing events will appear that will increase the anxiety and uncertainty, situations may arise that will differentiate the views and aspirations.



Krie, the need for the immediate environment to understand what you are feeling is intense but it is not easy to express it. You have to be careful in big promises that may seem ideal but in the end they will most likely disappoint you. Make sure you have fun and leave important decisions for later.

Professional - financial 

It is not easy to close commercial cases as the financial discussions do not have a clear landscape. Avoid making binding decisions today and make sure you use the day to think carefully about how you want to move in the future.

This is not the time to express your grievances to your partner as you get lost in the emotions. Use the time to have a good time and enjoy each other's company. If you are unattached / you should pay attention to people who return to your life as they may promise a lot but there is no mood to satisfy them.


Taurus, the day invites you to focus on your material and emotional needs and make a new beginning that will build a new image in the wider social environment. Your determination and maturity stand out.

Professional - financial

It is important to be aware of new financial agreements that may come to the fore as you are given the opportunity to close issues without having a clear picture of whether you are interested in their development or not. Use the day to establish a new financial career at a professional level.

It is important to enjoy the moments with your partner without promises and discussions that will not have a realistic background. If you are single, it is possible that people will reappear that will vibrate your soul for good. Make sure you take distances to see objectively what they can offer you.


Gemini, from today opens a new chapter in your life that can help you in the key areas that interest you. Use maturity and a realistic approach to things to build a better future and improve your interpersonal relationships.

Professional - financial

You should pay attention to financial matters that may concern you as it will be easy to be misled and make deals that are ultimately not in your best interest. Listen to your intuition and if you can avoid important decisions.

You are not emotionally clear about what you want from your partner and this can lead to a misunderstanding of the situations that concern you in the relationship. If you are single, it is possible that there will be people who will return to emphasize that you are missing things that please you in your personal life.


Cancer, your sensitivities overflow as they are not easy to manage and can lead to melancholy. Your psychology will lead you to isolation and it will not be easy to manage everyday issues that require self-concentration and composure.

Professional - financial

You should pay attention to financial issues of the past that return and worry you intensely. It is better to listen to your intuition and avoid possible commitments that will not develop in the way you expect. Focus on promoting your goals and aspirations as your instincts guide you uniquely.

You can try to have a good time with your partner with friendly faces, leaving aside the fact that they may bother you and make you sad. If you are single, the person from the past can come back creating an emotional storm that is not easy to deal with.


Leo, you wonder if your friendly environment really understands what satisfies you, but it is important to realize that you too can not be objective in your thoughts. Try to enjoy the moments and avoid possible discussions that can create misunderstandings.

Professional - financial Intuition guides you to possible professional decisions that you are called to make as you have to meet your obligations in the best possible way. Stress will not help you to see clearly how you need to move so make sure you control it.

You have the opportunity to have a good time with your partner as long as you do not enter into a process of exchange of views that will cause tensions. If you are unattached from the friendly environment, a person from the past returns dynamically, which upsets you and blurs your thinking.


Virgo, it is important for you to understand how you should manage the part of self-promotion that concerns you the most. Beware of wrong choices of people who may promise a lot but in the end they are more likely to expose you.

Professional - financial

Avoid discussing financial issues in the professional environment as you do not have a clear idea of ​​how to move. This can lead to wrong decisions that will cost you both your pocket and your public image as you are more likely to be exposed and frustrated.

Put the scourges aside and seek to have a good time with your partner enjoying every moment where passion will prevail. If you are single, people from the professional environment may return creating an ideal situation that may not be realistic.


Libra, you feel that the time has come to truly realize what it is that makes you happy and fills you spiritually. There are many thoughts but they are not clear, so make sure you do not lose your temper with people from your wider family and friends.

Professional - financial

Financial issues that have come to the surface can cause you problems and stress. You can trust your instinct as it is what will guide you in the best possible way to make the necessary choices that will lead you to success.

It is important to enjoy every moment of fun and optimism with your partner away from any dark and hazy thoughts that can spoil the atmosphere. If you are single, it is possible that there will be a return from the past that will create intense emotion and sensitivity.


Scorpio, the emotional charge is increased as you are upset and insecure and this is manifested in a strong way in the environment in which you move. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during this time of year, as you are more likely to be overwhelmed by stress. 

Professional - financial

Your collaboration can evolve as you have the intuition and insight to pursue what can work best for you. Be sure to avoid discussions about financial issues of the past that have arisen and need to be resolved as the landscape is cloudy and you may make wrong choices.

You have the ability to take off the passion and sensuality in your relationship as long as you overcome the rapid suspicion and jealousy that can energize the atmosphere. If you are single, the person from the past may return intensifying the need for a complete merger.


Sagittarius, your interpersonal relationships are at the center of interest as you seek to show your environment what is necessary for you. Of course you will do well to avoid conversations as you will quickly realize that you can not draw the right conclusions.

Professional - financial

It is possible through your collaborations to try to take advantage of the opportunities that are given to you, but it is better not to trust the big words that you can hear as in the end they will lead to disappointment. Focus on everyday issues that require solutions.

Do not miss the opportunity to experience intensely romantic and sensual moments with your partner, leaving aside any problems that are encountered. If you are unattached / the person from the past causes upheavals in your personal life and creates a dreamy scene, you will do well to be restrained.


Capricorn, you have the opportunity to review issues related to your physical health and energy. You have to think if you take care of yourself but do not rush to make decisions that can lead to wrong choices as it will not be easy to keep them.

Professional - financial

Obstacles and obstacles lead you to revisions in the work routine that may be wrong. Do not allow stress and whining to dominate as they will energize fraternal relationships and will not allow you to see objectively how you should move.

Make sure you enjoy every moment with your partner away from whining and misery that can dissolve the beautiful atmosphere that prevails in your relationship. If you are unmarried / it is possible that it is a new acquaintance from work that can stimulate your attention and generate unique emotions. 


Aquarius, you enjoy every moment of joy and fun but it is not easy to limit yourself and you can lose your temper. Take care not to go beyond the limits and enjoy the day with the company you want as this way you will experience productively every minute that will remain engraved inside you.

Professional - financial

Real estate issues come to the fore that can occupy you intensely, make sure you listen to your instinct as this can guide you to ideal solutions for you. At the same time, avoid expenses as you want to enjoy beautiful moments that can be very expensive.

It is important to enjoy the time you have with your partner and to put aside possible doubts and thoughts that can create problems. If you are single, the person from the past can come back and upset you with the many promises he gives you.


Pisces, the day gives you the opportunity to focus on your family and take care of overcoming issues of the past that may have cost you. You have the opportunity to establish new relationships with familiar people who are important to you. 

Professional - financial

You should pay attention to real estate issues as the financial part may seem ideal but it will not be realistic. Make sure you are objective and if possible avoid important discussions as you may be deceived and disappointed.

Enjoy the unique moments that you can create with your partner in your personal space away from tension and mood. If you are single, vague thoughts and hypersensitivity flood your mind and it is not easy to commit to a new love.