The astrological predictions of Sunday, December 18, 2022

The Moon is still in Libra, the characteristics will be sociability, condescension, need for harmony. The interest will be focused on relationships and contacts, there will be an opening for discussions about feelings and needs. In the emotional sector, the desire for companionship and mutual feelings will be manifested.



Krie, the day significantly affects your mood as insecurities and phobias come to the surface that do not allow you to see clearly how you have to manage situations that you are called to provide solutions.

Professional - financial

The tension in your professional life is pervasive as issues of power arise that affect your behavior. Be careful because the controversies will spread and may trigger negative developments with your superiors. Calmness will give the best possible solutions.

The need to control the person next to you will lead to conflicts, be sure to curb lower instincts that lead to irrational behaviors. The unattached must control the suspicion that possesses you and can affect the communication with a new person who wants to invade your life.


Taurus, you feel that issues of the past are pressing on a psychological level and it is not easy to manage them. Don't lose the positive mood in things and see through the difficulties how you can change mentalities and prejudices that do not help you to evolve.

Professional - financial

The road to achieving your goals is difficult, but you are given the opportunity to show understanding and empathy to get closer than ever to your dreams. Hardness and intransigence will not really help you realize that you need to move to achieve the expected result.

The tension can act as a deterrent to emotions in your partner, you can find the balance that will give beautiful moments with him. The unattached have a strong need for control as older situations can significantly affect your psychology.


Giving this all a quick read, it seems we are pretty much in agreement that you should handle any issues that may be important to you. Do not allow the conflicting mood to dominate and lead to fierce confrontations that will spoil the whole atmosphere in the environment.

Professional - financial

Conflicts with friendly people to achieve common goals that you may have set out to do will not help you get closer to your dreams. Teamwork is what can give the desired results, away from leadership tendencies and authoritarian dispositions.

Trying to manipulate your partner leads your relationship to the extreme, change course and let go of the passion that will fill unique moments and emotions. The unattached are called to deal with inferior feelings that create insecurities and do not allow you to focus on your personal life.


Cancer, you feel that those around you are trying to control you and that is enough to lead you to outbursts that will be intense. Show understanding and try to keep your tone low by finding your peace of mind through art or what satisfies you most spiritually.

Professional - financial

There are many professional pursuits, but power and control games are emerging and can strengthen your partnerships. Function intuitively in decisions you have to make and put aside the controversies that create problems and negative mood.

Conflicting with your partner alone will only create problems, so choose to keep your tone low and show your emotions. The unattached can feel pressured by a possible new acquaintance as they seem to want complete control.


Leo, everyday stress can lead to spasmodic cases. Make sure you stay calm and work with logic away from situations that don't suit you.

Professional - financial

The nervousness that prevails in the work environment can affect your performance and movements. Make sure you calmly state your arguments and curb the need for control that makes its appearance and can lead to frontal confrontations.

Obsessions affect your relationship and do not allow emotions to dominate, as they are likely to have a negative impact on communication with your partner. The unattached will hardly be devoted to your personal life as the fears are strong and do not allow you to see clearly what love offers you.


Virgo, the tension that prevails within you is manifested in a sharp way in the environment in which you move, creating an unpleasant atmosphere and problematic situations. You will do well to show understanding to people around you to avoid conflicts that have nothing to offer you.

Professional - financial

You will not hesitate to turn the tables on financial issues that concern you as you seem to be willing to clash with any person you think is trying to take advantage of you. But be careful because you also want to exercise control and this will create the appropriate reactions.

Repulsions and guilt appear and can significantly affect the development of your relationship if you do not manage to show a calm and reasonable mood. The unattached person is likely to come in contact with a new person you are interested in, make sure you reduce the fears that may be bothering you.


Libra, nervousness in the family can lead to conflicts that are best avoided. It's time to realistically see that some of your behaviors need to be addressed in the past because they may work in a more general context in your life. Negativity will not help you. 

Professional - financial

Collaborations can be troubling to you as there seem to be different views. Choose to compose ideas that may be different from coming into conflict with people who have starred in your personal life. You need to realize that authoritarianism does not provide the necessary balance.

Do not try to dominate your partner as what you will achieve is to cause tension and break out. Then the frustration will be great. The unattached took care to avoid giving directions when they try it on a new person who wants to invade your life to give you joy and peace.


Scorpio, focus on the relationships around you as it is possible that issues will come to the surface due to the need you show to control situations. Emotion and good mood will help to normalize tensions, thus avoiding quarrels.

Professional - financial

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You will not hesitate to try to impose your own terms by creating problems. Avoid manipulative situations and honestly show what you want from your professional collaborations.

You will do well not to use arguments to limit your partner by wanting to dominate him. Understanding his desires will help him overcome any problems. The unattached can communicate with a person who attracts your attention, obsessions will not help the positive development of things.


Sagittarius, the insecurities created by a lack of self-confidence can lead to a very stubborn and uncompromising mood. This will not help you to see objectively how to handle the relationship with those around you and will provoke strong reactions.

Professional - financial

Your finances are very busy and do not allow you to objectively see how to move. The tension you are trying to hide comes to the surface with momentum and it is not excluded that it will create intense confrontations with people you are dealing with as you are overwhelmed by suspicion.

Focus on enjoying the moments with the person in your life and let go of the fears that are bothering you because they will negatively affect your relationship. The unattached can try to secure the course of a new acquaintance, by setting your own terms you can create conflicts.


Capricorn, the day can lead to trying to dominate the faces of your family. This will not go unnoticed without strong reactions as it will be clear that you can not impose your own terms.

Professional - financial

It is a fact that you will not hesitate to control the course of your business as it is extremely important for you. Expressing controlling moods create a negative atmosphere in your partners and this will have the appropriate cost. Get into a dialogue process and you will discover the positive moods that exist in the moving environment.

You feel the need to direct your partner, but this cannot be accepted without friction. Show understanding and you will not lose. The unattached can be possessed by intense suspicion and insecurity that leave no room to objectively see the person you are interested in. 


Aquarius, repressed and guilt from past situations do not allow you to calm down and can lead to more intense introversion. You can get in touch with your inner self and discover holes in the shadows that do not allow you to enjoy your moments and your life as you wish.

Professional - financial

Make sure you take full advantage of your intuition to make the right financial decisions. It is not excluded that you seek to close situations that are pending in your professional life, but your conflicting mood does not help the smooth development of things.

Romance will help you to escape from obsessions that afflict your relationship and to give the necessary attention to the important things in his personal life. It is not easy for the unattached to escape from older people and the feelings they may create for you.


Pisces, the insecurities you feel leave no room for you to objectively see your true worth. This can lead to behaviors that will be particularly annoying to people who are important to you. Find within yourself what is preventing you from acknowledging to yourself the positives.

Professional - financial

Trying to impose your own terms on the team efforts you participate in will be enough to energize the atmosphere and lose your true purpose. A good mood on your part will help to overcome any difficulties and mutual understanding.

Do not hesitate to give your partner the understanding he can ask for as his possible concerns affect the relationship and lead to friction. The unattached do not allow yourself to be left behind and this can cost possible communication with a new person.

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