The astrological predictions of Friday, April 8, 2022

Mercury is in a hexagon with Mars, it is an aspect that will enhance capacity, confidence, optimism. In matters of professional and financial nature there will be a willingness to take risks and initiatives, determination will give impetus to the aspirations and claims. Impulse will be limited, actions will be thoughtful, rationality and prudence will prevail.



Krie, it is a fact that your psychology takes off and you feel that it is time to star in all levels. You need to be careful in your behavior as you can become aggressive and this will annoy those around you.

Professional - financial

It is a fact that your obligations have increased sharply and this is mainly reflected in your business. It is a fact that it creates the conditions for you to solve issues and take on cases that you can handle. You show that nothing can stop you and that you have the will and determination you need to cope. Be careful because tension can prevail creating problems.


You oscillate between independence and a strong need for security and this is what can ultimately create tension and quarrels with your partner. The unattached person asked to calm down to what you really want from a partner as in the end this can help you calm down and not relieve nervousness in people who are interested.


Taurus, it is a fact that charm is what characterizes you at this time. They will hardly spoil you around, but today you should be careful because you do not really know what you want and this may have an impact on the important relationships in your life.

Professional - financial

It seems that your professional life is at its peak as the responsibilities you have taken on are important and you are called to respond in the best possible way. It is possible that thoughts and the strong feeling that your career does not cover you will come to the surface. But you will do well to manage this and not express it in the environment, especially the professional one as you may later regret it. 


Time for your relationship is limited and you may feel that your partner does not understand you. Watch out if you are the selfish of the case and this will lead to controversy. Unfettered focus on what you really need from a partner and look out for good new faces you may not be good to


Gemini, optimism is what keeps your morale high and leaves no room for negative thoughts that can damage your psychology. Be careful in the morning because issues of the past come to the fore and you may get dark. Remember that it will be temporary and that everything is overcome.

Professional - financial

Dynamism characterizes your business and you are sure to take the necessary initiatives needed to cover your team and show your work. Of course, take care to avoid intransigence and arrogance as they are the ones that will lead to conflicts that are unnecessary. 


There is a strong mood to star and entertain your partner, but at the same time the feeling of independence comes to the surface and can be annoying. The unattached may have a person who will pique your interest, but the intense nervousness that possesses you may not allow you to see it. 


Cancer, the day intensifies the competitive moods of those around you and creates intense nervousness that can not allow you to calm down. Be sure to leave fears and insecurities aside because they are what can ultimately lead you down the wrong path.

Professional - financial

Today you have to be very careful as it seems that your partners can be very competitive with you. Take advantage of opportunities for collaborations that are given to you as it is certain that they can create a new framework in your business that will be particularly auspicious for you. 

Controversy with your partner can trouble you and your personal upset may not allow you to see clearly what the reality is. Think logically and put the suspicion aside. The unattached do not leave room for new people to enter your life due to the intense fears that occupy you.


Leo, extroversion prevails and the need to be confirmed by those around you can lead to compromise with situations and perceptions that do not suit you. Sooner or later, remember that your dynamism will come to the surface and will overturn all the data, so express what you really want.

Professional - financial

The many responsibilities in your daily life and work can increase stress and lead you to become intensely critical of people around you. Take care of what you have undertaken by not caring about what others are doing and trying to seize opportunities at a job level that may be given to you. 


Enjoy the moments with your partner that give you joy and do not let personal insecurities and vanity dominate and invade your personal life. The unattached are given the opportunity to really see which persons are the ones who can cope with your many, admittedly, demands.


Virgo, it is time to dedicate time to yourself and your health and that is ultimately the positive message of the day. Focus on sorting out routine issues that may be bothering you and let go of rivalries and controversies as those around you react.

Professional - financial

It is a fact that he would have to meet a lot and the work is very demanding. But this is something you personally have become accustomed to, so you will do well not to show possible reactions at this time. Most likely, those around you will misunderstand them and eventually you will not be able to pass the messages you want by wronging yourself. 

Take care to keep your morale high and not to let potential everyday issues affect your relationship as it is what can ultimately create problems unnecessarily and uselessly. Unattached persons from the wider relative and friendly environment come to emphasize that it attracts interest, enjoy it.


Libra, the day invites you to turn to the family and take the initiative with dynamism to solve issues that may concern familiar persons. At the same time, however, the nervousness increases and this can eventually lead to endless tensions that you must avoid. 

Professional - financial

There are many obligations at the professional level and this is something that you should manage with special care. You will not hesitate to clash with those who you think are wrong, of course make sure you are objective and correct. Inheritance difficulties can negatively affect and create problems.


The mood you may experience finds balance through your personal zone and that is the positive message of the day. He eased the tension with passion and avoided the suspicion that would lead to conflicts. The unattached enjoys the attention of many but your insecurities may not allow you to let go completely.


Scorpio, family is what concerns you today and you are given the opportunity to meet people who you feel can understand the way you think. Be careful in the morning because you can not calm down to what you really need and this leads to tensions.

Professional - financial

The day gives you the opportunity to take initiatives and take advantage of possible proposals that may exist on a commercial level. It is certain that you can have the best possible result as the quick perception you have of things impresses those around you and creates a feeling of stability and confidence.

Your relationship is the one that pleases you and gives you the opportunity to be with your partner enjoying the moments. You will do well to reduce the mood swings and psychological ups and downs that only create problems. The unattached, you feel that the time has come to move away from the intense social life, an opportunity for a mini account.


Sagittarius, it is time to communicate with the people in your immediate environment as you feel that these are the right ones to relax you and spend beautiful moments talking to them. Beware of obsessions and criticism that come to the surface and spoil the positive atmosphere with them.

Professional - financial

It is time to claim the financial benefits that you think you deserve on a professional level only that you can become excessive in your requirements and this will bother you. Do not lose your logic because that way you will lose your right. The trade deals you are interested in can pay off as long as you do not cling to the details. 

Your personal insecurities can bother your partner as he seems to become abrupt and very critical causing communication problems between you. The unattached feel that people you care about may not realize what you really want, but it is a fact that you are not stable and you are irritating.


Capricorn, the day directly affects you as it dramatically increases your energy and dynamism. At the same time you can become aggressive and this will annoy those around you, so make sure to channel the mental potential that you have inside you differently. 

Professional - financial

Important issues can arise in your collaborations as you will not hesitate to become vindictive and excessive in the way you behave. Take advantage of this situation to make moves that will pay off in terms of your business. Pay special attention to your finances as waste can take you out of budget.


Exaggerations and possible outbursts will preoccupy your relationship if you do not manage to contain the irritability and find the maturity that generally possesses you. The unattached have the opportunity to take initiatives with people you care about as long as you hold back your selfishness that can energize the atmosphere.


Aquarius, you are in the mood to express your personal needs in a general context but the intense mood swings especially in the morning can lead to outbursts and whining. Make sure you keep a low profile and see realistically what you really want because you may not have calmed down and this is what you want.

Professional - financial

Your collaborations may be troubling you as there seem to be conflicts over financial issues that you need to manage. The objections, however, are most likely to be yours, so make sure you really see how you want to move and what you want to achieve in order to be satisfied.


The tension that manifests itself especially in the morning towards your partner can create problems. You will do well to indulge in the tenderness and romance that will help you overcome any irritation you feel. The unattached are not sure about what you really want in your personal life and this is immediately manifested in new people who concern you.


Pisces, you will not miss the opportunity to be active on a team level as you feel the dynamism and you are given the corresponding opportunities. It is important to get out of the past that can upset you and see the positive side of things that will help you evolve.

Professional - financial

The opportunities given to you at a professional level to grow should not be missed as they can certainly bring significant benefits at all levels for you. Of course you will do well not to discuss financial issues as there your personal attitude is not clear and ultimately is what can create problems.


Your strong independence can trouble the person next to you, so make sure to reassure him and show your true feelings. The unattached, you feel that the time has come to face situations of the past that create strong conflicting feelings for you.

Source: The zodiac signs today by Smaro Sotiraki from