The astrological predictions of Thursday, October 7, 2022

Mercury forms a trine with Pluto, it is a positive aspect, the characteristics will be acumen, sharp perception, penetrating way of thinking, capacity. In matters of a professional and financial nature, there will be a concentration on the goals, the pursuits will be methodical, the claims will be direct and will have a substantial result.

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The day gives you the opportunity to solve issues of the past that concern you. Your family will be supportive of possible ideas and will give you the strength with understanding and sympathy to leave behind what may be troubling you.

Professional - financial 

Emotions can affect your daily activities, so you should be very careful in possible obligations that you have undertaken. You easily understand that you have to move, so make sure you trust your instinct and do not be blurred by intense sensitivities.


The day does not leave room to see objectively what your real needs are at all levels. Emotionalism and sensitivities cloud your thinking and can create misunderstandings with those you associate with.

Professional - financial

You should be careful in the professional field as within your team the people you work with may not be clear. It is important to avoid the illusions that will lead you to trust people who do not deserve it.


The day gives you the opportunity to express your personality with dynamism. You seek to claim what makes you feel confident and secure, something that will become evident in the environment you move.

Professional - financial

The determination you show and your effective ideas will play an important role in your personal career. It is a fact that people in your career show confidence in you and this can open a period of intense discussions about financial gain.


The day creates a wild scene of fun that you want to join in on. But beware of exaggerations that can lead to intemperance and not enjoy the beautiful moments you can have with people from the wider family and friendly environment.

Professional - financial

It is important to be able to step firmly on your feet by setting practical and realistic goals in the professional field. People from abroad can make their appearance with ideal proposals, do not immediately show confidence because details that you do not know are hidden.


The day creates confusion and delusions in relation to friendly persons. Be careful not to put your trust in those who may promise a lot. At the same time, it is necessary to be moderate in what you promise as you will hardly be able to respond.

Professional - financial

Pay attention to goals and ambitions that you may have as today it is not appropriate to take initiatives with a positive sign. Illusions can lead to wrong paths. Frustration will not be long in coming if you do not restrain your momentum and take your time.


The day does not allow you to see clearly which persons from your wider environment you can trust. Your good mood will betray you if you don't trust your gut. At the same time, you would do well to be honest. 

Professional - financial

It is necessary to avoid important professional moves that can lead to problems and frustrations as you do not have a clear criterion in things. Suggestions that may come in handy will look great, but most likely not and make mistakes.


The day amplifies your insecurities and fears. Obsessions predominate and it is not excluded that they may manifest themselves in the wider family and friendly environment. Beware of exaggerations that will expose you.

Professional - financial

Everyday life is burdensome as the obligations are many and you have to meet in the best possible way. At the same time, however, mistakes are possible since you do not have an objective criterion in things. By idealizing people and situations you can create significant problems in the work environment.


The day leads you to wild parties and fun as you want to enjoy every moment with your company. Excesses will spoil the whole atmosphere, so make sure to be moderate and not lose measure. 

Professional - financial

Creativity characterizes the day so you will not hesitate to take initiatives that will open new horizons in your business. You will of course do well to be restrained in what you expect as you will probably idealize which goals you set and eventually get frustrated when you find that they are not realistic.


The day does not leave room to see your needs objectively. It is possible that there will be people who will approach you who will impress you, but be careful not to immediately show confidence because you will be disappointed.

Professional - financial

The initiatives you can take at a professional level today are likely to go in the wrong direction as it is not easy to understand in realistic terms how you should move. At the same time, try not to make promises to your associates that are not easy to keep.


The day creates an ideal setting with faces of the immediate environment. You can enjoy their understanding and compassion, be careful not to make promises that are not easy to keep because you are bound to be exposed.

Professional - financial

You should be wary of possible trade deals that interest you as it is possible that there will be people who will try to deceive you or give you the wrong directions that will have a significant cost to your business.


The day can lead you to exaggerations and illusions that will affect relationships with those around you. Try to avoid self-centered behaviors that will be annoying as you are bound to lose your temper.

Professional - financial

Financial issues are very likely to concern you and you want to give definitive solutions. Insecurities and fears prevail, but you have to work realistically to be able to have developments that will be satisfactory for you. Otherwise, delusions can lead to wrong decisions.


Put aside your aggressive and confrontational mood as this will significantly affect your family life and lead to fierce fights. Try to calm down and not be impulsive in your behavior because you will hurt people who are important to you.

Professional - financial

Spasmodic initiatives that you can take on a professional level can expose you, as you are overwhelmed by nerves and mood swings leaving logic aside. Think carefully before making any move as it is important not to be exposed and to work positively on whatever goals you have.