The astrological predictions of Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Jupiter enters Pisces will remain in this position until May 11, the characteristics will be compassion, understanding, imagination, spirituality, creative mood. The thoughts will be optimistic, it is not excluded that past situations will come to mind, there will be no lack of daydreams, however there will be the possibility to coordinate the actions in a context within reality.



Krie, the day helps you make decisive decisions regarding the achievement of your goals on a personal and professional level. You spend time in the fun as you enjoy artistic and creative activities.

Professional - financial 

Thought and action are in perfect harmony and can bring you closer to grandiose plans you have in your professional life. Beware of subjective moods that can greatly annoy those around you as you will not like exaggerations.

The fun erupts and the passion significantly enhances the emotions, take advantage of the opportunity to have a unique outing with your partner. If you are single, it is possible that there will be an acquaintance that will pique your attention in the way it will claim you.


Taurus, in the morning it creates the conditions for sudden new acquaintances that will excite you. You can deal with family issues that may create a strong emotional charge.

Professional - financial

It is possible that there will be significant commercial agreements that come as a surprise and can work extremely well. Most likely, you will benefit significantly and financially, so think carefully about your moves.

It is important to give your best so that your partner realizes that you are next to him and you want to provide him with security. If you are single, sudden new acquaintances can change the data radically in your personal life and lead you to your personal revolution.


Gemini, in the morning can bring sudden solutions to financial issues that will relieve you psychologically. You do not lose your fun and the need to communicate with people close to you.

Professional - financial

Make the most of opportunities that can suddenly be given to you and related to financial matters that interest you. It is possible that there are amounts that have not been paid to you yet, it is time to take them into your own hands.

Communication will play a crucial role in your personal life as expressing your feelings you will find understanding and corresponding feelings from your partner. If you are unattached / thunderous new acquaintance may arise that will help you shake off the wounds of the past.


Cancer, the day helps you to be active in your professional life by discussing your financial base in a new context. It is time to close financial cases that may be of great concern to you.

Professional - financial

You will not hesitate to claim the best in terms of your professional life as financially you may consider that you are not paid as much as you deserve. Of course, it is important to show compromise as stubbornness will not help you achieve your goal.

It is important for you to feel stable and secure with the person you have by your side as this helps you to have your self-confidence soaring. If you are unattached, new acquaintances can emerge through close people, your concern is to overcome possible insecurities and fears.


Leo, the morning helps you to determine and plan in an ideal way trips and training issues that interest you. You will not hesitate to take initiatives at all levels of your life.

Professional - financial

You do not waste time and you can plan in detail and determination the next steps and that concerns business trips that interest you directly. Conversations with people from abroad can open unique opportunities in front of you.

It is important to give space and time to your partner to express what he feels for you away from egocentrism and misunderstandings. If you are unattached, your impulsive and "aggressive" nature will attract a lot of looks and you will accept the admiration of young people who want to conquer.


Virgo, the afternoon helps you find your concentration and close financial matters that stress you out. You feel that the time has come to withdraw from the wider social environment.

Professional - financial

You can take the necessary initiatives needed to close financial cases in relation to third parties or to proceed with business plans that interest you. It is important not to beautify faces and situations as this will have financial and psychological costs.

Do not allow insecurities and repulsions to dominate, creating controversy and problems in your personal life. If you are single / the returns of people from the past are not excluded, the emotional storm they will create does not allow you to have clear thinking.


Libra, in the afternoon it is possible to put you in a process of discussions with friendly people, opening new collaborations in front of you. You feel that it is time to dedicate time to people in a friendly environment who are important to you.

Professional - financial

Important discussions can be held by people from the friendly environment who are excited about the ideas you have regarding your business. A new turnover opens that you will do well to utilize in the best possible way for you.

You plan your future together with your partner and this increases the passion and sensuality by taking your relationship to new heights. If you are single, new people can come into your life through a friendly environment that will help you discern which goals and aspirations you really want to achieve.


Scorpio, the afternoon helps you to express and plan in the best possible way professional issues that concern you. It's time to shine in the environment of your career as you can show your true potential.

Professional - financial

The method and responsibility in your professional plans impress your superiors and create important conditions for the development you desire. The legacy of your work is seen in the appreciation and recognition by people who play a leading role in your career.

Try not to ignore or sideline your partner due to the many professional obligations because he is more likely to complain. If you are single, the many professional obligations do not allow you to spend the time you want in your personal life and flirting.


Sagittarius, in the morning helps you escape with the person next to you. You seek to meet people from your wider environment that you have been socializing with for a long time.

Professional - financial

It is necessary to be optimistic and determined embroidery and designs that concern your professional life as important roads are opened in front of you. Suggestions from abroad are not excluded, make sure you evaluate them correctly because they are likely to be extremely interesting.

Take advantage of fun opportunities that will take off your relationship and create optimism and a pleasant atmosphere for you and your partner. If you are single, it is possible that there will be new faces in the wider environment who will impress you with their spiritual pursuits. 


Capricorn, the afternoon helps you settle into financial deals that may be stressing you lately. You feel that you want to get away from everyone and be closed to your thoughts and worries.

Professional - financial

Financial issues in relation to third parties and business moves come to the fore as you will not hesitate to take initiatives that can yield significant benefits for you. Methodism and instinct will give the best possible result.

Try to leave aside insecurities and suspicions that can create significant problems in your relationship. If you are single, it is not easy to find a new person who wants to enter your life as doubts and personal fears become an obstacle in which development.


Aquarius, the afternoon is likely to help you close important trade and communication deals. You feel that the time has come to deal with your partner and balance your relationship to the fullest extent.

Professional - financial

Try to settle for exactly what you want in your collaborations and to claim with dynamism that you believe that it can cover your professional life. If you are clear with others it is certain that there will be significant business opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Communication can play an important role on a personal level as it will help you overcome insecurities and fears that trouble you in the relationship. If you are unattached, the intense sociability and extroversion that possess you gives you the opportunity to get closer to people who can not distract you.


Pisces, in the morning it is possible to bring a new thunderous acquaintance in your life that will impress you. You deal with everyday life and work as the obligations are many.

Professional - financial

Everyday life is demanding as your schedule is loaded with many obligations and chores. But the fact is that despite all the stress you can face what comes with a happy and optimistic mood that helps you overcome any difficulties.

Take advantage of possible sudden invitations that will work refreshingly for your relationship as fun and passion will soar emotions. If you are single / the new acquaintance comes lightning fast to emphasize the need to experience unique moments of passion on a personal level.

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