The astrological predictions of Saturday, July 16, 2022

The Sun will be in conjunction with Mercury, space will have spirituality, there will be communication openings, in discussions there will be a possibility for clarifications. In matters of a professional nature, the conditions will be favorable for formulating opinions and proposals. Partnerships and collegial relationships will be fruitful, clear words will help in understanding.



Krie, good psychology accompanies you and gives you the opportunity to have a good time with people around you. You show stability in your views and this is something that will be highly appreciated by those around you. Beware of vague thoughts due to emotions that affect your judgment.

Professional - financial

Trade gives you the opportunity to make collaborations that will be significant and economical. Your self-confidence plays an important role in taking initiatives that will bring you closer to your professional goals. Situations pending need attention as you do not have a clear crisis.

You want to give your partner to understand that it is not something trivial in your life. The expression of emotions is done with logic and sensitivity in complete harmony. The unattached want to get in touch with a person who attracts your attention as it strongly creates the feeling of security.


Taurus, the time has come to enjoy the small joys of life and you give this signal to the environment in which you move. Good food, a glass of wine and a pleasant conversation with your own people will fill the moments and will significantly strengthen your psychology. It will help to put aside any possible beginning you have.

Professional - financial

You are now focusing on your finances and it is certain that you are trying to meet your requirements to feel safe. You need to be careful about how much you spend on waste and waste.

Your partner understands the difficulties that may exist at a professional level and takes care to alleviate nervousness with his presence. The unattached have the opportunity to communicate with a person through the professional environment that fills you with pleasure with the interest he shows you.


We give, your close environment can give joys and beautiful moments, as communication with people through it renews you. You seem to know what you want and what you want from your life and this creates a solid foundation in relationships with people who are important to you.

Professional - financial

You need to be careful about making the right decisions in your professional life, as you don't seem to have an objective criterion. Deceptions can lead to impossible plans that will sooner or later collapse and frustrate you.

You seek to give your partner a sense of stability, as you know what you want from your personal life. The unattached are not excluded from communicating with a person who will excite you, your clear attitude will play an important role in the subsequent course.


Cancer, the day is ideal for dealing with spiritual issues that excite your interest and give new perspectives and outlets. Enjoying simple everyday moments that will relieve and make you happy is what you will mainly seek with those around you.

Professional - financial

Your finances are very busy, but you should be restrained with expenses and possible waste that takes you out of budget. Set priorities so that you do not experience insecurities that affect your psychology.

This is a good time to clear up any issues that may have plagued your relationship for some time. The unattached feel that the crew of time has come to locate in you what you want from a new acquaintance to give you to feel safe.


Leo, today you have the opportunity to express and show that you really expect from those around you. Of course, it is important to curb the impulsiveness and the willingness to monopolize the attention that may tire your environment.

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to make moves that will stabilize situations in your collaborations and will yield benefits, as long as you make the necessary effort. Beware of financial deals, as many are hidden and later you will be disappointed.

You do everything to be the main person in your relationship, but this does not preclude fatigue and tension with your partner, which is best avoided. The unattached is likely to seek to contact a person who is attracting your attention, just try to limit the selfishness that will displease you.


Virgo, talking to people around you can make you feel bad. Do not completely trust what you hear and avoid forming an opinion from the commitments of others. After all, discrimination does not seem to be easy today and this can lead to frustration.

Professional - financial

You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You can be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. The situation is ideal to stabilize what you have earned professionally with a lot of effort.

Talking to your partner may seem like an ideal outcome, but it's a good idea to keep a small basket as promises may not be met. The unattached can focus on people from the past who come back to claim you.


Libra, communication is what makes your day and gives you the opportunity to get closer to people you value and want to communicate with. Everyday life can be frustrating as it seems that you can't manage issues that can arise with clear thinking.

Professional - financial

There are issues that can keep you busy at work and increase stress. It is imperative that you do not make decisions that may bind you, as you will find out later that they were not appropriate and this will affect their development.

The time has come for you to feel safe and secure in your relationship, seeking to make that condition last. The unattached are not excluded from communicating with people who attract your attention with their humor and intelligence.


Scorpio, your personal insecurities may bother you, but today you are given the opportunity to put the brakes on and feel more stable for those around you. Your talents can take off as the day is very creative for you, something that makes you very happy.

Professional - financial

You are given the opportunity to make financial moves that will create a stable framework and bring you closer to giving solutions to the issues that concern you. Pay attention to controversies in the professional environment that will lead you to distance yourself from important people.

Your fears now seem to be overcome as you feel confident with the person next to you and this reassures you. The unattached is not excluded from coming into contact with a person who shows interest in you. Remember that many promises do not reflect reality.


Sagittarius, conversations with people in the family environment burden your psychology and it is possible that they will lead to frustration. Don't lose the optimism that naturally holds you back as it will push you to see the positive side of life, something that will help clear up your relationships.

Professional - financial

It is better to avoid important discussions in the professional space, as they may not be realistic or you may not have an objective view of things. Use this opportunity to consolidate profitable partnerships.

The passion you experience with the person next to you is unique and you are given the opportunity to express what you feel by laying a solid foundation in your relationship. The unattached are likely to come into contact with a person who wants to build a solid foundation in your personal life.


Capricorn, the positive psychology you have draws you into conversations that are particularly enjoyable with people around you. This will help you to get rid of obsessions and phobias that bother your psychology and do not help you calm down.

Professional - financial

Commercial discussions and agreements can keep you busy. You will do well to be careful about what you commit, as it is not out of the question to enter situations that do not seem to lead from the beginning. The job offer is recognized and it is possible that it will have a financial impact.

You can enjoy relaxing moments with your partner that will help you get out of insecurities, of course you will do well not to make promises that you probably can't handle. The unattached can come in contact with a person who upsets you, let intuition show you the required manipulations.


Aquarius, it is a fact that you want to be accepted by those around you, as your self-confidence is fueled. At the same time, you seem to know very well that you want to move, especially when it comes to future plans and pursuits. If you manage to escape from fears and unpleasant thoughts, you can achieve a lot.

Professional - financial

The initiatives you can take have the potential to help you launch long-term partnerships that suit you. Pay attention to financial decisions and expenses, as you cannot manage them with realism and objective thinking, which will cost you a lot.

You will not hesitate to express what you need to your partner, which will help to stabilize your relationship. The unattached is not excluded to be a person who will try to get your attention as your mood magnetizes and impresses.


Pisces, it's not easy to clear your mind and this can lead to wrong decisions. Allow the day to roll away from commitments and moves that can play a decisive role at all levels. Spend time on everyday issues that seem to require solutions.

Professional - financial

You need to be careful about what you decide to do, as it is not easy to understand what others are saying. The tendency to deceive yourself can lead you to wrong conclusions and demands that are not easily realized.

It is important to be able to clarify issues that are pending in your relationship as this will flood you with security. The unattached feel you come close to a person who inspires you and gives you a sense of intimacy. This will help you to escape the traumas of the past.

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