Luck, money and love will have some zodiac signs in the coming days


As mentioned by Giannis Rizopoulos in his article on the stellar Venus, which brings pleasant developments in emotional and financial matters, will move from the 6th to the 14th degree of Leo and concerns you directly if you belong to his zodiac sign Leo and you have your birthday from 28/7 to 6/8 or you are an Aquarius born from 26/1 to 3/2. You will receive similar support even if you are Scorpio and you were born from 28/10 to 6/11 or Taurus born from 25/4 to 4/5, but with an emphasis on professional or family issues, respectively.

The stellar Jupiter "steps" on the 21st degree of Scorpio,  bringing you more luck and advantages if you belong to his zodiac sign Scorpio and you were born near 12/11. If you are again Taurus and you have your birthday close to 11/5, you can count on facilities and services offered by others, while it is not excluded that a fruitful proposal will be made to you, either of professional or personal nature. Success and support are still waiting for you even if you are Aquarius or Leo on February 10th and August 14th respectively, with positive developments referring primarily to professional or family matters.