AHIA NAPA: Opening of an exhibition of paintings by Panikkos Panagi Hatzidakis and Vikis Mingova Panagi

The opening of the "11th Individual Exhibition - Sculpture, Pottery and Ceramics" is being held at the "Giorgos Seferis" Cultural Center of Ayia Napa

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Opening of an exhibition of paintings by Panikkos Panagis Hatzidakis and Vikis Mingova Panagis at the "Giorgos Seferis" Cultural Center of Agia Napa.

The opening of the "17th Atomic Exhibition - Sculpture, Pottery and Ceramics" by Panikkos Panagi Hatzidakis and the 2024st Atomic Exhibition of Vikis Mingova Panagi on the theme "The Flowers of Nature".

The painter Panikkos Panagi Hatzidakis was born in Famagusta and originally from Chania, Crete. He graduated from the American Academy of Larnaca and then from a private School of Painting.
To date, he has ten solo exhibitions and seventy group exhibitions in many European, Asian, Scandinavian countries, America, Australia, in Museums, embassies galleries and other cultural venues. His works also adorn more than seventy Museums, National Galleries, Folklore and History Museums, and their collections internationally, while many of his works belong to states, embassies, two royal collections and private collections around the world. He has also created three historical Museum Collections of Works a) Alexander the Great the Greek Civilization and the Greek Alliance, 170 works b) Hatzidakis Collection 1821 the Greek Revolution, 50 works c).World and Cypriot, Medieval and religious History, 40 works.

He took part in several Biennales where he won the Premio award 2021 at the "1600 years of Venice" Biennale, the Conferimento Premio 2021 at the Pescara Biennale, the Artist of Honor as Honored Painter of the Belgrade Biennale 2021, the Attestato di Merito at the Milan Biennale, the figurative 1st prize Premio merito Artistico at the Triennale of Rome 2022 and the first Prize at the Biennale of Pescara Italy in 2023.
He has also been awarded in 2017 in Australia with the Master Artist award, in 2021 with the Premio Modigliani in Italy and in the same year again in Italy with the Premio Caravaggio master artist award. In 2021 he was honored at the International Critical Art Awards in Venice with the Golden Lion of St. Mark's in Venice, while in the same year he was honored by the Writers Capital Foundation of the UN with the Global Award in Fine Arts for his contribution to art and the culture.

He is an official and honorary member of PELT Greece, which has declared him as its honorary member and honored him for his contribution to the promotion of Greek Culture and History.

Vicky Mingova Panagi comes from Bulgaria and has been living and working in Larnaca for the last few years. He is an art curator, curator and painter. She has exhibited her works in group exhibitions at 3 Angels Gallery in Larnaca and at the Omodos Cultural Center, while her exhibition with paintings on the theme "The flowers of nature" is her first solo exhibition, which will take place next Wednesday, April 17 at the Cultural Center of Agia Napa "Giorgos Seferis". Her works are in private collections in various countries.

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