"Worse than torture": New device for weight loss prevents the mouth from opening more than 2 mm

Weight loss: A new slimming device prevents people from opening their mouths more than two millimeters.

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Weight loss: A new one device prevents people from opening their mouths more than two millimeters - What is the use of this device.

Weight loss: Device details

A special weight loss device prevents the mouth from opening for more than 2 mm. In fact, this device has caused reactions device uses magnets to prevent people from opening their mouths wide enough to consume solid foods. device developed by the University of Otago in New Zealand. Scientists from Leeds in the United Kingdom use it to treat obesity. This can be placed by dentists. In fact, it uses magnetic components that essentially "secure" the mouth. However, this device has been criticized on the internet. Many users talk about medieval device torture.weight loss

Weight loss: The scientific point of view

The University of Otago wrote on Twitter that this small machine is groundbreaking device in the field of weight loss. "To help fight the global obesity epidemic: an intraoral device which restricts a person to a fluid diet ".

Η device is called DentalSlim Diet Control. It allows its users to open their mouths to a width of only 2 millimeters. Initially, it was tested on seven healthy obese women from Dunedin, New Zealand for two weeks. They were given a low-calorie diet. An article published in the British Dental Journal reported that the group of women lost an average of 6,36 kilograms, or about 5,1% of their body weight. However, participants complained. that the device It was difficult to use and caused discomfort during speech. They also said that they felt tense and that "life in general was less satisfactory".

Weight loss: The device creates new habits

One participant did not follow the rules and instead ate foods that she should not, for example eating chocolate that had previously melted.

Professor Paul Brunton from the University of Otago said that the main obstacle, which stopped the weight loss was "compliance". He added that device "It's a non-invasive, reversible, economical and attractive alternative to surgery," he added. device torture to make a diet consuming fluids ".

The purpose of the device

The University of Otago clarified that device The research team behind the product included Dr. Jonathan Bodansky of Leeds and Dr. Richard Hall, RMH Consultant in Leeds.