UEFA rating: Unbeaten... but stagnant

Cyprus remains in 22nd place


What we have just left behind can be described as a three-day period with a positive conclusion, since in the last game AEK secured their qualification to the Conference League groups, qualifying for the Europa League playoffs!

At the same time, a few hours earlier, APOEL qualified for the playoffs of the third-ranked European competition and therefore for the first time in history we have the opportunity to see four Cypriot teams in a European group.

As for our points collection, it is noted that Apollo's home win against Maccabi Haifa gave us 200 points, while the away draws of APOEL and AEK, against Kizilzar and Partizan, respectively, gave our island 100 points.

As a result, we moved up to 22,875 points, but still in 22nd place and counting 250 points less than 21st Israel.

The UEFA rating:

12th Russia 26.215 (0)

13th Norway 26.000 (3/4)

14th Ukraine 25.700 (3/5)

15 Switzerland 25.425 (3 / 4)

16 Greece 24.475 (1 / 4)

17 Czech Republic 24.425 (2 / 4)

18 Denmark Denmark 23.425 (4 / 5)

19 Croatia 23.400 (2 / 4)

20th Turkey 21.900 (4/5)

21st Israel 21.125 (3/4)

22th Cyprus 20.875 (4/5)