Well done to this 73-year-old Levantine Cretan who climbed the highest mountain in Europe

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He burst into tears of excitement when he completed his feat.

How the members of the mission described their adventure.

Two people from Chania stepped on the highest mountain in Europe. The story of Evi Giakoumaki and 73-year-old Spyros Tzeranis, members of the Mountaineering Association of Chania, who conquered the top of Mount Elbrus and looked at the world from 5.642 meters.

Thus, Evi Giakoumaki became the first woman from Chania and Spyros Tzeranis the oldest climber of OS. Chania that conquer the highest peak of the "Old Epirus".

The two met on July 27th in the Caucasus Mountains, in southern Russia, participating in a 10-member Greek mission led by the experienced Panagiotis Kotronaros.

Their journey lasted several hours, after rising first to 3.000 meters, then to 3.800 meters and then - after staying two nights to adjust - they started the dawn of August 2 for the summit, which they reached seven hours later.

Evi Giakoumaki described her experience in "Haniotika Nea": "It was a very difficult climb. We are talking about the 3rd highest peak in the world. The area is very cold and the ascent was very slow. Every breath and step. From 5.300 m. Also most of us had various symptoms, such as dizziness, vertigo, instability in the step, drowsiness, tightness in the chest, difficulty breathing, etc. But the positive thing was that we had good weather ".

Referring to 73-year-old Spyros, she said: “The feeling when we reached the top was amazing. We all cried and of course Mr. Spyros was very excited. The man was going up and crying ".


Source: ant1iwo.com