A model experiment for Greece directly intertwined with the sons of Zeus and their work

The village of artists in Crete that revives the ancient arts of the island

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Since 2000 there is a group of artists-craftsmen in Chania which has created a community with the aim of promoting and preserving the ancient arts, which are associated both with the life of the inhabitants of Crete and with the culture of the island.

An experience worth experiencing, to see up close and from the inside the revival of ancient techniques such as metallurgy, ceramics, textiles, etc. and live unique moments that he will not have the opportunity to experience elsewhere.

A few words about the name and history of the village

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According to mythology, Verekynthos was the mountain where his sons lived and worshiped. Zeus, Ideal Fingers, who were patrons of the arts and settled in it in order to teach people the ancient art of ceramics, metallurgy, glassmaking and weaving to humans.

They are the oldest inhabitants of Crete and the first to discover the use of fire, copper and iron, as well as their treatment with fire. In fact, as a place of discovery of iron is mentioned a mountain with a pre-Greek name: Verekynthos.

More specifically, the Idei Daktyli - it is believed that there were five, as many as the fingers of the hand - exiled the iron ore from the mountain, today called Malaxa in the prefecture of Chania, and processed it immediately afterwards.

There are many historians who believe that in this location there was an ancient city called Chalkitorion. A theory that suggests the direct relationship of the city with metallurgy. Thus, the status of Idea Fingers as metallurgists contributed to the development of technology during the prehistoric period.

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In addition, historical evidence suggests that the Idea Daktyli seem to have operated within guilds, which even had a religious wrapper, while teaching metallurgy did not seem so easy. Moreover, one might say that it was a difficult process that went through rituals, as well as sacramental and initiation ceremonies.

These are certainly important figures, at least for the world of mythology, who were connected, at the same time, with the creation and evolution, to whom is attributed the discovery of arts, in which to this day we see new craftsmen being introduced around the world.

The artistic village in Chania

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Today this ancient name is once again pique the interest of the public, with all the ancient arts gathered again at one point ready to take the place they deserve in people's lives.

Verekynthos, then, is an artistic one village –Is found at the place where in the past there were workshops for making jackals– which was created in order to highlight the arts that were always intertwined with the life and culture of the Cretan people.

The village, part of the Craft Park of Chania, is located at the eastern entrance to the city of Chania (5 km from the center to), between Souda and Tsikalaia, and is an effort of the humble successors of the work of Idea Daktilon, who do not are different from today artists- residents of Verekynthos, who with personal effort, toil and agony, endless patience, passion and creativity try to keep them alive to the arts to this day both in Crete and in the memory of the people who visit.

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The village is designed in such a way that the sensitivity shown by those in charge of the handmade and the special, which is prepared with effort and love, is immediately perceived.

Also noteworthy is the fact that the tradition of the area in the construction of ceramics and other works is reflected in the two old kilns located in the artistic village in which the potters baked their ceramics with wood.

The workshops and the craftsmen

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This society of artists, original for the Greek data, has been operating since 2000 and consists of artists and craftsmen which highlight the arts that are intertwined with the life and culture of the Cretan people but also exchange knowledge and styles with each other.

Here, therefore, various craftsmen who live by their art and transmit their knowledge to the visitors of the village have set up their workshops. About 35 workshops are the "potential" of Verekynthos, which cover a wide range of specialties such as ceramics, sculpture, silversmithing, painting, traditional Cretan knives, making of string and percussion musical instruments, leather goods, handmade glass, decorative items, loom textiles, mosaics, painting etc.

The contemporary art and handicrafts of the place are concentrated in this village that is open to the public and visitable (10.00-16.00 except Saturday and afternoon and Sunday, some workshops are open all day, while some open in the afternoon 18.00-21.00) and is addressed to all those travelers and non-travelers who during their travels seek to experience authentic and at the same time didactic experiences, with a highly Greek character.