Seven mythical places in Greece that you can visit today

A journey into the past through generous doses of drama, action and romance

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Her stories mythology often charming, no matter where they come from. However, Greek mythology has its own charm. Action, romance, drama and glamor in abundance, for the "insatiable" lovers of epic stories, which are almost impossible not to sink into the mythical Greece.

And if the stories told below unfolded (?) Countless years ago, the places where they took place today continue to exist and are, in fact, popular travel destinations. Both for their mythical character, as well as for the unique experiences they offer to their visitors.

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Its sacred island Delou, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is characterized by its historical and mythological significance, while it is one of the reference points for those who claim to be ardent supporters of Greek mythology. The small island that is about 20 minutes away from the cosmopolitan Mykonos is considered the birthplace of the twin gods Artemis and Apollo. Mythology says that Leto, lover of Zeus, escaped to Delos in order to escape the wrath of Hera and give birth to her children, the fruit of her love with Zeus. According to mythology, in fact, no mortal is allowed to be born or die here. Today, the island of just 3 km is a historic site with a highly impressive archaeological site with valuable finds from the Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic periods.

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Undoubtedly one of the most fascinating ancient Greek myths is its history Theseus and the Minotaur. According to her, then, King Minos, son of Zeus and Crete, after disrespect to Poseidon was forced to raise a son with the body of a man and the face of a bull, the well-known Minotaur. Building the labyrinth to trap him, every nine years seven young Athenians and seven young Athenians were sent to Crete to be devoured by the Minotaur, as a punishment of Minos against the Athenians who killed Androgeos' son.

One of these times among the young people was found against his will and Theseus, son of King Aegeas and Aethra, who with the help of the "Myth of Ariadne", given to him by the daughter of Minos, after killing him Minotaur managed to free himself from the Labyrinth. To date, the exact location of the maze has not been identified, however, there are two parts that are considered to be the site of the maze. The first is Kommos, which according to archaeologists here was the seat of the throne of Minos.

The homonymous beach, at the edge of the bay of Messara at a distance of 66 km from Heraklion, with its golden sand and turquoise waters in 2018 was designated by Forbes as the most beautiful beach in the world, while today near the seafront meet the ancient city , which was considered the port of Phaistos. The second area believed to have been the point of the Minotaur labyrinth is Gortyna, 27 km inland.

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According to Greek mythology o Acheron was one of the five rivers that bordered the Underworld. Also known as the "River of Death", it was associated in ancient times with death - hence its name - as it was considered the river where Hermes handed over souls to Charon, on their way to Hades. It was known, in fact, that it flowed through dark gorges, while reaching various places underground.

Today, the visitor discovers landscapes of incredible natural beauty that "embrace" the mythical river in a length of 50 km, in the prefectures of Thesprotia, Preveza and Ioannina. Its springs are found in the prefecture of Thesprotia, 2 km from the village of Gliki, while they are a place for diving and activities that raise the adrenaline to the heights, such as rafting, paragliding etc. Landmark of the area and the famous Necromancer, an ancient Greek temple of necromancy, dedicated to Hades and Persephone.

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The imposing Psiloritis in the central Crete, is a site of strong mythological significance. According to mythology, Saturn, one of the first titans, added to kill all their descendants by eating them in order to prevent the fulfillment of the prophecy that he would lose his throne to one of his children. So, when Rhea gave birth to Zeus, she decided to hide him in a cave in Crete, in order to protect him from his father.

The ancient Greeks believed that Zeus was born or at least grew up until he was ready to face his father, in the Cave of Ideo Cave, in the mountain range of Psiloritis. The place quickly became a place of worship and pilgrimage, while today it is suitable for hiking in the wonderful nature of Psiloritis. In fact, there are many who visit the cave where Zeus is believed to have spent the first years of his life.

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The majestic Olympus, the largest mountain in Greece, according to Greek mythology was the residence of the 12 Gods. It is believed that it was created after the war of the Olympian Gods with the Titans (Battle of the Titans) and was the new home of the victors, who were none other than the Olympian Gods. The stories of Olympus include enviable feasts with nectar and ambrosia to the melodies of the lyre of Apollo. And while today the visitor will not meet some of the deities that once "frequented" here, the mythical Olympus is one of the most popular destinations in our country, which perfectly combines mountain and sea, offering its visitors unique experiences, both in the picturesque and traditional settlements on its green slopes, as well as on its famous beaches at its foot.

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What a pioneer for this wonderful Ionian island, which has inextricably linked its name with Homer's Odyssey, the second great heroic epic of ancient Greek literature after the Iliad. According to this, Ithaca was his home Odysseus, who after the Trojan War went through many obstacles and trials to reach his home after a decade-long journey. Today, this dreamy island with its mystical breeze, emerald waters and rich green nature is literally a relaxing summer vacation paradise. Its seabed is of particular interest, while there are several important archaeological sites to visit in Ithaca.

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Aegina owes its name to the mistress of Zeus, daughter of the river Asopos and the Front. According to mythology, Zeus fell in love with Aegina and abducted her from her parents, transporting her to the island of Oinoi (also known as Oinoni or Oinopia), today's Aegina. There, Aegina gave birth to their son and the island was named after her. It is worth mentioning that the river Asopos still exists in Aegina, however with the name "Dark Stream". Today, Aegina is the closest island from those of the Saronic Gulf to Athens, being a classic solution for day trips, and not only, at any time of the year, when the weather allows it.

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The other daughter of the river Asopos and Metopi, Korkyra, gave her name to the manorial island of Faiaka. Mythology says that Poseidon fell in love with Corcyra, kidnapped her and transported her to an anonymous, then, island which later took its name - Corcyra or Corfu. The two of them had a son, Faiakas, to whom is due both the name of the inhabitants of the island, Faiakes, and the name "Island of Faiakas" for Corfu itself.

Arriving at this manorial Ionian island, a warm and sweet feeling floods its visitor, who is enchanted by the magnificent buildings of Venetian architecture, the majestic palaces, the imposing fortresses and the romantic cantons, the dreamy and beautiful shores apart.