5-year-old Alexandros from Crete lost his battle with cancer

His mother's touching post

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His mother's touching post

The 5-year-old boy lost his life from the Crete who was living in Canada with his parents and had been diagnosed with terminal cancer.

5-year-old Alexandros Khourdakis has been giving for the last few months brave fight by cancer of the brain.

His mother's touching post

The mother of 5-year-old Alexandros wrote on Facebook: "It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that unfortunately our Alexandros, our child passed away peacefully this evening in the arms of his mother... fly high our angel to a place without misery, sickness and pain... in thank you for all the life lessons and bravery you taught us.. those who knew you were an honor and even more so for us your parents.. you will forever be in our hearts, in our thoughts and in our minds.. we love you so much Alexander, we will miss you, my child, my soul...".

The whole neighborhood came together to fulfill his wish

Little Alexander expected to visit Niagara Falls and a haunted house to see monsters, but the doctor forbade him to leave the house. Thus, an entire community "brought" Halloween 1,5 months earlier in order to make the little one's wish come true.

Hundreds of people dressed up in monster costumes, as befits the Halloween celebration, and appeared in the little boy's neighborhood to make his wish come true.

Speaking to ERT at the time, the father and mother of the 5-year-old said:

“We explained to him that all this is for him and that all these people and all these monsters came for this. And I think all these people were for him. He was very happy, he greeted people, it was as if he was saying "thank you" to them and he gave joy to all people. And we say everything in Greek. All the people who came were given gifts. It was something unique. We felt a lot of people's love, we felt support. It was a very nice experience and a nice memory that we will always have as his parents and siblings..."