Greece: "They gave me 5.000 euros to host a pink party"

The photo to entice her

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The pink party in Crete was organized under extreme secrecy, with the organizer trying to set up the details…

In this context, he was looking for a beautiful young girl to welcome, as he told her, the guests. He believed he had found her in the face of a 25-year-old he had recently met. A woman who received a message on her cell phone, with the money she was going to get. She did not accept and went out to speak.

On the occasion of the case of the rape of the 24-year-old in Thessaloniki and the search for a pimping circuit, cases of attracting young women to "private" parties are constantly published, with the excuse of "hosting" them.

In fact, similar messages seem to have been received by women from Crete, from social media accounts that promise them a lot of money overnight… just to attend a private event.

Such a complaint reached, from a 25-year-old woman from a village in Rethymno, who accepted a previous year, a similar invitation from an unknown man with whom she was friends on Facebook. As she describes, as soon as she became friends with the specific man, whose origin is not from Crete, a strange message immediately came to her, which troubled her a lot.

He invited her to a closed party, inviting her to welcome the other guests. In fact, he tried to lure her with a large sum of money, which he promised to give her… in advance.

party, Apocalypse, Crete

To make it more convincing, he also sent her a photo with the money that was supposed to be hers after that night.

The girl managed the incident with prudence and maturity and did not accept the invitation of the specific man. Specifically, he replied that he was not interested and so he did not manage to give more information about the place and time when the specific - supposed event would take place. Then she deleted him from her profile and all their communication was cut off.

Source: edaily