The idea of ​​two young people to promote Greek villages and their traditions

What do they want to achieve with "Greek Villages"

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Konstantinos Spyridakos, originally from Laconia, and Polychronis Kambisopoulos, originally from Achaia, are two young friends who live in the intense rhythms of Athens and deal with the communication part.

About a year ago they created the account "Greek Villages" in Instagram and Facebook, after their need to get to know and introduce our roots to the public better.

Through their rich photographic material, their followers travel to picturesque and beautiful corners of Greece, praising the natural and human wealth of our country.

A few days ago they talked to about their project and discovered little secrets that make "Greek Villages" unique. With the donkey as their point of reference, they "plow" Greece and awaken in us memories and feelings from the old days that we want to live again.

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- How was the idea for the creation of Greek Villages born?

The idea was born about a year ago, in the spring of 2018, while we were discussing and seeing photos from apart which each of us had visited then during the Easter holidays. Our discussion quickly reached how much the concept of "village" "awakens" in us. From our first contact with nature and the Greek countryside, the first trip with our parents, the unforgettable summer holidays with siblings, cousins, grandparents on the XNUMXth of August in the village, and then, as adults now, refreshing escape from city life with our friends. So we came to the conclusion that the Greek villages are an important core of many characteristics that we Greeks carry within us wherever we are in the world. Characteristics that give us memories, nostalgia, pride, but also admiration for the natural and cultural wealth of our country. Driven by our love for photography, we decided to create Greek Villages as a means to get to know our roots better, while discovering in depth our country and its beauties.

- What is your purpose through this effort?

Greek Villages aims to bring Greek villages back into the spotlight, through the promotion of beauty and wealth that stems from their authenticity. At the same time, it functions as a "tribute" to the people who maintain and develop all that for us are images of short escapes and indelible memories from our childhood. We also want, in any way we can, to put a little stone so that our villages are not a point of reference only in the past, opening a discussion on how they can have a future and what the position of young people can be inside this.

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- What is the response of the public?

In the less than a year we have been running the account there has been an excellent response from both Greece, as well as from abroad. We are glad that through Greek Villages the Greek villages seem to have acquired a common internet reference point, as more than 2.000 have tagged our account in their photos while over 4.500 have used the hashtag #greekvillages. In this way, in addition to our own photos, we also travel daily, through the wonderful travel shots we take. It is also impressive for us that we receive many messages from foreign tourists who are really interested in getting to know our country in depth, going beyond simply searching for known destinations on major online tourism platforms and asking to learn even the small details of the Greek countryside.

- Most of your followers are Greeks or foreigners?

The followers of the account are mainly Hellenes from all lengths and breadths of the world. It is really nice to see someone in Australia or the USA for example swell with pride, commenting "this is my place" referring to a small village in Greece. Of course, there is no lack of advice from the other side of the earth on where to go to eat or what to see in the places we visit, but also the "greetings" to convey them to people in the village!

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- How was the donkey chosen as the "logo" of Greek Villages?

In the early days of Greek Villages we were looking for a powerful symbolism that would represent it, something that would fit into what we call a Greek village. We looked back to the memories of our childhood: the hugs of our grandparents who eagerly awaited us to come from Athens or Patras for our holidays and to play with our friends in the streets of the village and whatever comes to us in mind from the Greek countryside. The image of a donkey was for both of them a familiar and pleasant image that aroused only positive emotions. In fact, a few days after we decided to be the donkey The central symbol of Greek Villages was the publicity with the exploitation of donkeys in various places in Greece, so we considered it a good opportunity to show that the donkey in our memories, as expressed in the logo, lives free and relaxed.

- How are the destinations you "promote" selected?

Each village is special no matter what time of year you visit and everyone definitely has a reason to go. Every time we travel to the Greek villages, we know that it will give us an important experience and that is why we are more concerned with finding the time to travel than the destination. Elements that will attract us the most, however, when we are given the opportunity to choose are the photographic interest, the natural environment, the connection of each place with various experiences and activities, the history, the tradition and of course the production of local products.

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- Is there a philosophy behind the posts you make?

As you will see in our account we try to have a dedicated character in the destinations. For example, we do not put a post from a village in Laconia and after a village in Achaia and so on. but we try to have a series of images that show overall what we saw and experienced at the destination. At the same time we upload to our stories additional photos and videos from the destination so that users can see additional downloads from our trip.

- How often do you travel around Greece?

The work of both of us is extremely demanding, so the time available for travel is extremely limited. However, we try to dedicate at least one weekend each month for short getaways. The truth is that we do not always manage to synchronize, however, we make sure that this happens as often as possible.

- When you arrive at your destination what is the one you choose to photograph the most?

Our goal is for our photos to capture as much as possible the atmosphere, the character, the natural beauties, the tastes and most importantly the people of the village and their way of life. Many times the key to all this can be found in a small detail. It is also the greatest joy for us when we discover craftsmen or professionals, often lost arts and professions, who are willing to open their workshop or home to us, telling us about their life and work.

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- What photos do you see that have the most impact on the public?

From our experience so far, the photos that arouse emotions or reveal some of the "beautifully hidden secrets" of our villages have the greatest impact.

- Is there a destination that you consider the most special?

Each place has its own beauty and something waiting to be discovered. Of the destinations we have visited so far, however, we single out the villages of Dikorfo and Dilofo in Zagorochoria, Megalo Chorio in Karpenisi, Dimitsana in Mountainous Arcadia, Mesta and Pyrgi in Chios, Kourkoumelata in Kefalonia, Artemonas and Herronisos in Sifnos, as well as Petra and Agiasos in Lesvos. Each separate for different reasons.

- As Greeks, how much do we know about the beauties of our country?

Minimum. Although in theory of course we all know that our country is beautiful, in practice it seems that many times we forget it. And this is probably due to the fact that we have not met her in depth, exploring every bit of her, every remote, inaccessible and remote village. Of course it is not the easiest, but it is definitely worth trying and only we can win. Both we and our country.

- Are there any future goals for Greek Villages? How far do you want it to go?

We want to go as far as we can - and not us, but our message. Every day we make a thought about Greek Villages. The positive messages we receive put us on paths that, it is true, we did not think we would enter when we started. You will soon have more of our news.

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