The richest streets in the world

Where the sums that fell to change hands dwellings cause dizziness

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A very lucrative year for those who have this world turned out to be 2019. As shown in the official Bloomberg measurements, the richest people on the planet… became even richer. 1,2 trillion dollars richer to be exact.

Among the traditional very thick wallets, the spotlight was drawn to TV stars and social media personalities such as Kylie Jenner, who became the youngest self-made billionaire.

In 2019, however, it had to present extremely profitable paradoxes (at least) business ventures which were a huge success. The case of Willis Johnson is typical. The businessman from California. founded a chain of car yards for the sale of damaged vehicles and saw his fortune rise to $ 1,9 billion. Another typical case is the family from Korea, who made a video with the children's song "Baby Shark doo-doo doo-doo doo-doo", which went viral around the world, today has a fortune of 125 million dollars.

However, the sector that flourished the year he left us was that of real estate for people whose financial strength could make the purchase of an entire boulevard (and its buildings) possible. Real estate prices on the most expensive streets in the world, as recorded by Knight Frank, are dizzying.

The ten most expensive roads in the world

According to Bloomberg, in the last five years in New York, many luxury homes have been built because builders are taking advantage of advances in technology that allow the construction of very high towers on relatively small plots.

The real estate company Knight Frank made a record of the sales and purchases that took place in the last 5 years on streets and avenues around the world.

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The ten richest roads are:

1. 57th Avenue in Manhattan, New York: 41 homes / average sale $ 38,5 million each

2. Mount Nicholson in Hong Kong: 35 homes / average sale $ 81,8 million each.

3. Central Park South in New York: 32 homes / average sale $ 44,9 million

4. Park Avenue in New York: 20 homes / average sale $ 43 million

5. Grosvenor Avenue in London: 13 homes / average sale $ 45,5 million

6. Mount Kellet Road in Hong Kong: 10 homes / $ 64,8 million

7. Fifth Avenue in New York: 10 homes / $ 55,7 million

8. Los Angeles Pacific Coast Highway-Malibu: 10 Homes / $ 49,2 Million

9. Conduit Road in Hong Kong: 10 homes / $ 43,4 million

10. S Ocean Boulevard in Palm Beach, Florida: 10 homes / $ 34,5 million

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New York stealing the lead

The rich in recent years have clearly shown their preference for houses located on the streets of New York. In 57th Avenue in Manhattan New York City is home to some of the most expensive homes in the world.

Over the past five years, more homes have been sold there worth more than $ 25 million each than any other boulevard in the world. These are 41 homes with an average sale of $ 38,5 million each.

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The avenue Central Park South is in 3rd place with 32 home sales with an average value of $ 44,9 million each. New York Street is also in 4th place. The avenue Park Avenue "Saw" the purchase and sale of 20 properties. These deals were valued at an average of $ 43 million.

Another New York name is on the list of the richest streets. THE Fifth Avenue is in 7th place with 10 properties and an average price of 55,7 million.

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In addition to violent incidents, Hong Kong "sees" a rise in real estate

Hong Kong has been in the public eye almost daily in recent months following a major government crisis that has erupted and violent incidents and clashes between anti-government protesters and security forces.

Behind the tear gas and the unprecedented tension, however, multimillion-dollar deals are being signed on home sales.

New York is home to four of the ten most expensive residential streets, followed by Hong Kong with three boulevards. In Hong Kong, however, the challenges for everyone have increased recently. Nevertheless, many new luxury homes were built with the thick wallets facing this corner of the globe as well.

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The avenue Mount Nicholson is the place where the most expensive home sales have been recorded by croissants with 35 homes for sale and an average sale of $ 81,8 million each.

in the 6η position of the list is the Mount Kellet Road with 10 home sales and an average price of $ 64 million while the same number of homes were sold to Conduit Road with an average of 43,4 million.

The European metropolis and luxury resort in the USA with golden contracts

Knight Frank real estate executive Liam Bailey said that "the very high demands of the richest people in the world have created an opportunity for builders to greatly enhance quality, especially on the boulevards of New York, London and Hong Kong."

The construction of luxury homes in recent years is so large that supply in the market has increased, with the result that builders now offer more incentives than in the past to potential buyers.

This seems to be the case in both New York and cities like London, where tax increases and Brexit-related political uncertainty have put some pressure on the prices of the most expensive homes in the world.

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Thus in the relevant list and in a high position is the Grosvenor Avenue in London with 13 properties changing hands and an average price of $ 45,5 million.

The list of contracts with dizzying amounts closes with two roads in two of the most famous resorts in the USA, Palm Beach. There the S Ocean Blvd "Saw" 10 properties being sold at an average price of $ 43,4 million. While the Pacific Coast Highway-Malibu has a strong share in the pie with 10 homes and an average sale of $ 49,2 million.