Tatar: Introduced himself as "president of the TRNC" on a British station

Tatar reiterated his position in favor of a "two-state solution" in Cyprus

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The Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar, who reiterated his position on a "two-state solution" in Cyprus, attended "celebratory" events for the illegal unilateral declaration of the pseudo-state over the weekend in London.

The main event was organized in a central hotel by Turkish Cypriot organizations in the British capital. Officials from the Embassy of Azerbaijan in London were also present, according to posts on social media.

Mr. Tatar also had a meeting with Muslim businessmen, in which he reiterated his position in favor of a "two-state solution" in Cyprus, and said that he is working for the international recognition of the pseudo-state, which, he said, is a "potent investment destination."

The Turkish leader also participated in an event and discussion with Turkish Cypriot doctors at Imperial College London, while he had scheduled contacts with Turkish Cypriot associations and British parliamentary actors.

Ersin Tatar also gave a twenty-minute interview to Talk TV, in which he introduced himself as "the president of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus".

In it, among other things, he argued that the Turkish Cypriots have had their own "state" since 1963, i.e. for 60 years.

He went on to say that he is proud of the inhabitants of the Turkish Cypriot origin of the United Kingdom, which he determined numerically at around 300.000.

As for British politicians, he said he calls on them to make greater efforts to listen to the Turkish Cypriot community and protect its rights.

He said that Turkish protection is crucial for the security of Turkish Cypriots and said that he is grateful to Turkey also for the financial, political and wider support. He also mentioned that its President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has made "historic speeches" in recent years calling for the recognition of the pseudo-state.

"I want international public opinion to realize that we have had two states in Cyprus for the last 60 years and two nationalities," he said, calling for support for the "two-state" solution in Cyprus, "as in Palestine."

He added that he invites the Greek Cypriot side to a discussion "on the condition of equality and the pursuit of the creation of two states, with cooperation in energy, the economy, the environment and immigration."

He also warned that Cyprus could be "in danger" if it gets involved in the war between Israel and Hamas. He added that no one can be comfortable with civilian deaths, and expressed hope that the war would stop very soon.

Attempting a comparison with the case of Gaza, he argued that the Turkish presence has ensured peace in Cyprus. "Without Turkey, the Turkish Cypriots would suffer as the Palestinians suffer," he claimed, adding that this is why the Turkish military presence in Cyprus must be maintained.

He repeatedly avoided answering the question of whether he would characterize Hamas as a terrorist organization, saying that "I don't know the facts." Although he admitted that he cannot approve of the kidnapping of hostages and the killing of civilians, he expressed doubts about the validity of the relevant information regarding the actions of Hamas.

He also called on both sides in the Middle East to be reasonable, to protect civilians and advocated non-violence.

Finally, he said that for humanitarian reasons, the transfer of refugees from Gaza to the occupied territories could be considered.

Source: KYPE