The worst reality shows on world television

Funerals naked sex and the most humiliating for the human condition

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The death of a famous 35-year-old actor in the shooting of a hard reality show, Chase me, a few days ago he opened the bag of Aeolus for programs of this type that are shown on television with their main characteristics the great spread that they have but also the huge, in many cases, success that they note.

The 35-year-old, originally from Taiwan and Canada, Godfrey Gao, cooled down on November 27, 2019, while running for hours, which was one of the tests of the game.

After the tragic event, many asked to stop this reality show which is shown in China, directly accusing the producers of reality shows that they do everything for the television…

"Everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes in the future"

Andy Warhol was probably the first creator reality show, when he was filming himself sleeping for hours. After all, as he once prophesied, "everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes in the future."

The global production of reality shows has exceeded all limits of bad aesthetics and ethics, surrealism is the only word that can describe it. In Greece we may be surprised by "SurvivorAnd "Power of Love" but fortunately, we have seen very few things yet.

In the age of the internet, television could not leave out dancing, the social media. The British "Channel 4" made its debut by airing "The Circle" about a year ago.

The players live in an apartment building in London. No one can communicate with each other except through a social network. Profiles are usually not real, players change their age, lie about their profession, about their sexual identity. Their goal is to collect the most likes and earn 75,000 pounds. Their personal data, their chat are all exposed to the public revealing every detail of their lives.

Guess who is straight

The "TV of shame" literally hit rock bottom, with reality show «Playing straight». A show that offended both sexuality and female dignity. The concept is quite perverse: a woman spent a lot of time meeting men, some of whom were gay. If the man he chose in the end was heterosexual he won, if not he lost the game.

The tele-garbage started from the American network Fox and completed several seasons. Transferred to the Netherlands, Australia and Britain successfully. The prize was .25.000 XNUMX. Many of the players, after the game, stated that they suffered when they pretended about their sexual orientation.

Reality show with funerals

In 2013, the producers of American TLC believed that a funeral could become a television show and decided that bad aesthetics could spread to the "other world". So they gathered, in front of the camera, the relatives of the deceased and organized television themed funerals, with stories, song, dance and favorite habits of the deceased. If, for example, he really enjoyed breakfast, the televised funeral included disguises in bacon costumes, and a treat with fried eggs and all sorts of nonsense.

Who is your dad?

Is $ 100.000 enough to humiliate a person's entire life? Fox gave the answer, with the reality show "Who is your daddy". A player, adopted from a young age, is in the studio with 25 men. One of them is his biological father. If she finds him he will win the prize.

The cheaters

For 15 whole years, America and beyond watched the stories of cheating spouses or partners in a very harsh show with violent scenes and obscene content. The "detectives" announced her live infidelity and urged the player to catch the unfaithful partner. For the protection of personal data, no reason. Hidden cameras and taped conversations framed public humiliation.

Why are reality shows so successful?

Ioanna Vovou Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication, Media and Culture of Panteion University explains: “The faces, the reality players are subjects of the real world. They are not actors, they are people who play the role of themselves. This invocation of the characters' authenticity creates an anticipation of the truth, even if we know that there are narrative processes and editing. This is a key element that increases the viewer's interest. "Also, many times, we identify with a hero because he is very handsome or very brave or very fair and because his qualities seem to be excellent, above average."

- And what about the very "trash tv" players who are not great?

"Many times the hero is 'inferior' so that the viewer feels superior. Thus, the comparison with the TV hero is in favor of the viewer and this is a pleasure, a pleasure and satisfaction in the end, for him ".

The nude on TV

Fortunately, we have not seen such spectacles in Greece yet. Abroad, however, the public enjoys the television of pleasure more and more. Why; Ioanna Vovou explains to us: “Many analyzes have been made regarding the instrumentation of the body, especially the nude, and its commercialization. Its sexual use as soft porn exists in pop culture anyway. The responsibility here is divided between the production that undertakes these shows but also the acceptance by the viewer. The "banalization" of the body is no longer taboo. We see it in more and more versions, not only in reality shows. We also see it in the cinema, in the series. Even in the news bulletins. "See what happens every time we have a heat wave, our private channels show women's bodies on the beach."

Naked Attraction and Sex Box the porn reality shows

The most famous nude show is aired on the British Channel 4, since 2016. Players, men and women are invited to choose their partner just by watching their naked body and genitals. Even worse, the "Sex Box", from the same channel. In this game, players have sex in a box on the set and then go out and analyze their sexual act, answering questions from a sexologist. The complete humiliation of love gathered a million viewers in the first screening but also many negative reviews.

There is of course "Naked and Afraid", the nudeSurvivor»Broadcast by the Discovery Channel. A man and a woman, completely naked, are called to survive in the jungle. The producers claim that there is no sexual intercourse.

Will you ever marry a stranger?

"Married at First Sight": three couples decide to get married without knowing each other at all. The cameras record their honeymoon and married life that lasts eight weeks. Then they have to decide whether to stay married or get a divorce. So simple. The game aired for several seasons on American cable television and the "Lifetime channel", was a success and will probably continue for several more seasons. Shooting has also taken place in Greece.

In the world of the Kardashians…

The most ridiculous thing imaginable becomes important: from the quarrels over the clothes, to the waxing of the bikini. A family that tries to become as alien as possible, for fame. Plastic surgery, gender infidelity, love affairs, everything is exposed to the public, for the money. Kylie Jenner is the youngest billionaire, Kendall Jenner the highest paid model on the planet and Kim Kardashian makes about $ 100 million a year from its cosmetics line.

- Who watches Kardashian and reality shows in general.

A study from Ohio State University wanted to find out. According to its results, those who watch reality are much more likely to be narcissistic and egocentric people. In the characters of the shows they are looking for a hidden aspect of themselves. On the other hand, those who watch news and news programs are often more altruistic and less narcissistic.

And if you think the logic of the keyhole is a sign of the times, we left for last, the first reality show that appeared on TV. The "American Family" was the "Kardashians" of the 70's.

The production followed the life of an American family under the guise of a documentary.