Television is the main source of news in Cyprus, the press is not

Local news first, shows the Eurobarometer

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Television is the main source of news in Cyprus and the European Union, with online news platforms and social media following, albeit to a greater extent than in the rest of the EU, according to a special Eurobarometer published by the European Parliament on Tuesday.

In particular, when asked which media they have used most in the last seven days to get informed (multiple answers possible), respondents in Cyprus answered television by 63% (75% in the EU), 59% online news platforms (43% in EU), 57% social media platforms and blogs (26% in the EU) and 25% radio (39% in the EU).

Just 9% in Cyprus said they turn to print media for information, compared to 21% in the EU average.

The older people over 55, both in Cyprus (70%) and on average in the EU (85%), gave television as their first choice.

TV was the first choice for the EU average in both the 40-54 (75%) and 25-39 (64%) age groups. However, in Cyprus, the first choice for these groups was online news platforms for the 40-54 (72%) and social media and blogs for the 25-39 (62%).

However, regarding the 15-24 age group, television is the first choice for both Cyprus (60%) and the EU average (58%).

When asked what they consider the most reliable source of news (with a maximum of three answers), 45% of respondents in Cyprus chose public television and radio stations (49% in the EU) and 36% private stations (27% in the EU) . 34% chose print media (39%).

22% answered that they trust people, groups or friends they follow on social media and other platforms (14% in the EU), 21% answered other online news platforms such as blogs and podcasts (11% in the EU), 16% chose YouTube or other video platforms (10% in the EU) and just 5% chose influencers on social media channels.

Meanwhile 72% in the EU, and 83% in Cyprus, remember having recently read, seen or heard something about the European Union, in the press, internet, TV or radio.

Also, as regards the subjects that attract the most attention of the citizens, in the first place in Cyprus comes local news (66%), followed by European and international subjects (47%), crimes and accidents (46%), sports (37%), the national political agenda (35%), science and technology (32%) and economic issues (31%).

In the first place in the EU are issues concerning the national political agenda of the member states (50%), followed by local news (47%), European and international issues (46%), sports (34%) and financial news (34%).

The survey was carried out through online computer-assisted interviews by Ipsos European Public Affairs with a sample of 52.347 people across the EU, and 552 people in Cyprus.