The 5-year-old from "Titanic" is still paid by the movie - How much he receives

Reece Thompson played a third passenger

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He may not remember much of his role in the award-winning film "Titanic" as he was just 5 years old, but Reece Thompson, now 30, has revealed that he is still making money from it.

Reece Thompson was playing a third-person passenger who died tragically with his mother and sister when the ship sank after hitting an iceberg.

Today, Reece is 30 years old and is the Director of Digital Marketing at Brian Head Resort, a ski and snowboard facility in Utah, USA. In addition to his income from his main job, he said that every year he receives checks for his rights to appear in the movie "Titanic".

Reece's parents had signed up with a talent agent and won a competition. So the agent suggested two roles to the child's mother: A protagonist in a gas station advertisement or an opportunity to play a small role in "Titanic".

ris Payments, movie, Titanic, money

Although the ad showed a safer choice, his mother decided to nominate him for the role in "Titanic".

"It turned out to be one of the highest grossing movies in history," Reece Thompson told Business Insider. "My mother said, 'Let's do it. It will be nice. "Even if the movie sucks, we will see it." In the end, it was not a bad decision on her part, that's the only sure thing. "

The film grossed a lot, won several Oscars and Reece Thompson still receives checks 25 years later: "It's weird because it's not in my head anymore," Reece said. but when it does, it's like, oh, nice, $ 100 extra. " There were times like, "Oh, wow, this is a $ 250 check." So, I hope they continue to show the film a lot because that means more money for me. "