The gift that Kontominas gave her that took her out of her clothes


On the occasion of the screening of a video starring Costas Fragolias playing drums, making a repulsed reality, Eleni Menegaki, makes once again, a more ... personal revelation, which was about a gift of the past.

As the well-known presenter mentioned, a few years ago, for the first time after her transfer to Alpha, the president of the station, Dimitris Kontominas, on the occasion of the birthday of her son Angelos, gave them a gift, which brought great upset not only in their home, but also in the whole neighborhood. As the presenter described, it was… children's drums.

"On a birthday, when Aggelos was five years old, our president was well because he sent us a gift δω (…) I remember that they were normally big drums, in which you hit things and the whole neighborhood got up. And well in the morning I was away from home, I was coming here, what was happening at home λα I took it out of the house. "I did not even dare to give it as a gift," he said characteristically.

Watch the relevant excerpt in the video below: