Jasmine: The director of the series resigns after the "complaint" for rape

What the director of the series "Sasmos" says on Facebook.

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A "bomb" fell on Greek television with the director of "Sasmos", Costas Costopoulos, resigning from his position and referring to the "complaint" of rape with a message on Facebook.

"Until Justice rules, I feel obliged to resign from the series I am directing," said the director who will appeal to the courts.

What the director wrote

For a long time, a woman with whom we had an occasional acquaintance twelve, thirteen years ago, has been threatening me, through messages and hints on social media, that she will report me for rape. Seeing her related posts on social networks, I found that she was constantly enriching her "complaint", with personal comic and supposedly humorous videos, constantly "photographing" me.

I gave way to rage, refusing to believe that such lies could be formalized. In recent days, however, reports and television reports indicate that this woman has filed a lawsuit for a rape twelve years ago by a "famous director", without being named again.

Reasons for honesty and dignity force me to take a public position: This "complaint", although it really concerns me, is completely false and is a vulgar attempt to slander me. My principles and ethos are known to everyone I have worked with over the decades. Of course, the testimonies of my friends alone are not enough to defend my name and personality. I will not let slander creep in and erode my professional and personal life. Besides, I have not learned to live between shadows and ghosts.

I am obliged to ask for the protection of the Justice to which I immediately appeal. I obviously do not intend to confront the woman in question in public, nor to answer her lies or to reconcile with her. The officials of Justice, in whom I have absolute confidence, are the ones I turn to as any citizen who would like to protect his name would do.

In the period that follows and until Justice rules, I feel the obligation to resign from the series I am directing. I do not want in any way this personal adventure of mine to put my collaborators, the production and the channel in a difficult position ".