Survivor spoiler: Leaving - shock in tonight's episode

Which player will pack his things and return to Greece?

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Tonight (19/4) episode of Survivor will be subversive. Due to Holy Week, the departure will take place today and not tomorrow, Wednesday.

There are four candidates and everyone is looking forward to the announcement of George Lianos.

Specifically, Giorgos Katsaounis, Sofianna, Aris Soiledis and Joe have appeared on the block.

Who will say "goodbye"?

According to the spoilers, Tzo Maridaki is leaving tonight.

If the information is confirmed, they will come up and down in the game as for the "reds" a strong player leaves, while for the "blues" from the moment that Sofianna and Aris remain, who belong to the "clique", the tensions they will be continued.