18.000 flu vaccines are available today - Another 35.000 are expected

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Another 18 seasonal flu vaccines were received last week and are now expected to be distributed to GPs and Health Centers.

As the Senior Officer of the Gnosia Achniotou Insurance Organization stated to SigmaLive, by tomorrow, Tuesday (19/11), an additional 35.000 vaccines are expected to be received, which will be distributed within ten days to Personal Doctors and Health Centers.

In addition, he said, the decision was made to order an additional 10.000 vaccines, which are expected to be received around the end of November and December.

Overall, the number of vaccines has increased by 50% this year due to increased demand and due to cases that occurred during the last winter.

It is important to note that the vaccines given to GPs and Health Centers have been ordered by the state and will be given to people who belong to vulnerable groups.

In case a person wants to be vaccinated and does not belong to the vulnerable groups, if his / her personal doctor has not procured vaccines himself from the company, then the vaccine should be procured from the local pharmacies.

Source: sigmalive