Physiotherapists: Not at GESS until the legal issues are resolved with the O.A.Y.

What the Pancyprian Association of Physiotherapists states in its announcement

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The Pancyprian Association of Physiotherapists has decided that its members will not provide services to the beneficiaries of the General Hospital, unless all the serious legal and other issues that arose with the General Hospital are resolved first, which delay the registration. of physiotherapists in the General Health System.

An announcement of the Association of Physiotherapists states that, "because the goal of the Pancyprian Association of Physiotherapists and all its members, is the adequate coverage and service of the beneficiaries of G.S.Y. and the provision of quality physiotherapy services, we expect from O.A.Y., to study the requirements we set in order to be able to offer patients the best possible physiotherapy package ".

Source: KYPE