GESS: How many registered in the first 18 months

The data presented by the Health Insurance Organization

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More than 850.000 beneficiaries have been registered to date in the General Health System (GESS), according to the report of activities for the first 18 months of GESS. More than 20.000 claims are submitted daily, while the list of pharmaceutical products covered by GESS includes 1750 prescription prototypes and generic drugs.

The end of 2020 marked the completion of the 2nd phase of GESS and the closure of 1,5 years of operation, with the Deputy General Manager of the Health Insurance Organization, Athos Tsinontidis, talking about a "fertile period", from which they can valuable conclusions can be drawn.

OAY published a presentation on the operation of GESS, from June 1, 2019 to December 31, 2020, talking about a "photo" of GESS in its initial steps, "which reflects its dynamics as a key pillar of public health in our place ".

According to the data presented, in the 18 months of operation, 853.422 beneficiaries had registered with the GESS and a list of Personal Physicians, while 756.440 beneficiaries had visited Personal Physicians. For the same period, 574.007 beneficiaries visited Specialist Doctors, 333.080 beneficiaries visited Specialist Doctors for Diagnostic Examinations and 606.083 beneficiaries have been provided with medicines.

Also, 523.679 beneficiaries have undergone laboratory tests and 343.448 beneficiaries have received inpatient care services.

In addition, it is reported that for the period 1 June 2020 to 31 December 2020, 43.448 beneficiaries received inpatient care services. Specifically, 8800 patients underwent general surgery, 2200 patients underwent open heart surgery and catheterization, while 2000 patients underwent orthopedic surgery.
3000 births were also performed, normal or by caesarean section, while 1400 patients underwent neurosurgery, 500 patients underwent prostatectomy and 1600 oncology patients received inpatient services from contracted centers and hospitals of their choice.

Regarding the participation of providers in GESS, it is reported that the System currently operates with the participation of more than 70% of physicians and more than 88% of beds on a nationwide basis, with 1745 specialists, 541 adult physicians and 196 pediatricians.

There are also 147 laboratories, 534 pharmacies, 54 private and public hospitals and 6 Accident and Emergency Departments, while the participation of other health professionals, nurses and dentists increased by 30%.

"The introduction of GESS is a huge and multidimensional reform in the key area of ​​health since it has fundamentally changed the way of access and provision of health services for the entire population. At the same time, the implementation of GESS marked the beginning of e-health in Cyprus, since all the processes within GESS, both by the beneficiaries and the providers, are done electronically ", the presentation states.

There is also talk of a "people-centered philosophy" of the GESS, which puts the beneficiaries at the core of the reform. "Citizens are now participants and co-owners of a System that aims to upgrade the quality of life in our country" is added, while reference is made to the obligation to protect GESS from the "excessive use of services it offers."