GESS: Revenues and expenditures in the last 9 months of 2020

Detailed what was said by the Senior Officer of the Health Insurance Organization Angelos Tropis

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Revenue of around € 580 million was the Health Insurance Organization (OAA) in the first nine months (January - September) of 2020, said to KYPE the Senior Officer of the Organization Angelos Tropis, who also stated that the expenditures amounted to - October) of 2020 to € 530 million, of which € 80 million related to inpatient care expenses for a period of five months.

At the same time, Mr. Tropis stressed that based on OAY estimates for the three years, the GESS fund is sustainable and in surplus, despite some temporary deficits that may exist.

More specifically, Mr. Tropis said that OAY had revenues of € 530 million from the contributions of the approximately 840.000 beneficiaries of GESS, while revenues also came from supplements and contributions of € 27 million, with revenues from discounts from the pharmaceutical industry amounting to around at € 26 million.

He stated that from the coronavirus pandemic there was a loss of income around € 120 million due to the three-month suspension in the increase of the beneficiaries' contribution rates and the decrease of the economic activity and explained that the rates should increase from March 1, 2020 due to of the implementation from June of the current year of the XNUMXnd phase of GESS that includes the inpatient care.

He also said that in this period the loss of revenue amounted to around 50% -60%, while then things improved, as he said, resulting in a significant reduction in revenue losses.

The Senior Officer of OAY also said that the Organization makes its calculations in depth of three years and for this reason has prepared the three-year plan, noting that "based on OAY estimates for the three years, the GESS fund is sustainable and surplus, despite the fact that in 2021 there may be some temporary deficits ".

"In the depth of three years, when the economy is expected to fully recover and the effects of the pandemic to be removed, our fund will be sustainable based on our estimates and the estimates of the Ministry of Finance on how the Cypriot economy will move," he stressed. .

Expenses € 530 million in 10 months, € 80 million for inpatient care
Regarding the expenditures in the first 10 months of 2020 (January - October) for GESS services, Mr. Tropis said that these amounted to a total of around € 530 million, of which € 80 million related to inpatient expenditures from its launch last June until October 2020.

Mr. Tropis said that the amount for inpatient care will increase further due to the fact that public sector hospitals did not submit requirements in the first three months (June - August) of inpatient care due to the need to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Expenditure on outpatient care
Regarding the remaining expenses of approximately € 450 million related to outpatient care, Mr. Tropis told KYPE that these concerned around € 186 million for specialist doctors, € 43 million for laboratory tests, € 26 million. for remuneration of pharmacists, € 106 million for the purchase of medicines and consumables and around € 75 million for personal doctors.

He noted that the remaining approximately € 5 to € 10 million relate to some other payments for GESS services.

Source: KYPE