Ayia Napa: Police confiscated dozens of bottles of laughing gas

Raid on two kiosks

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A total of 43 bottles and 683 ampoules of nitrous oxide - laughing gas - were found last night by members of the Police, according to an announcement, in two kiosks, in Ayia Napa.

Cases of the illegal sale of nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, are being investigated against the two property managers, aged 31 and 37.

Specifically, during an investigation carried out, based on a court order, in a kiosk in which the 31-year-old was in charge, 19 bottles and 213 unused nitrogen oxide ampoules, as well as 145 balloons were found.

In a second kiosk, in which the 37-year-old was in charge and in which an investigation was also carried out based on a court order, 24 bottles and 470 unused ampoules of nitrous oxide and 266 balloons were found.

The Ayia Napa Police Station is investigating the two cases.