Fine to six tourists for selling laughter gas

Screenshot 2019 06 30 09.09.18 Laughing gas, Police, Court, Nea Famagusta
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The Famagusta District Court today imposed a fine of 1,300 euros on six foreign women for laughter gas cases.

According to the Police, the six women, one 20-year-old, one 21-year-old, one 30-year-old, one 35-year-old and two 25-year-old from different countries, were arrested by members of the Force in Ayia Napa, on different dates for cases involving reckless and negligent acts. nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

Cases were filed against the women and yesterday the District Court of Famagusta, before which they were presented, ordered them to remain in custody until today.

The six women reappeared before the Court today, which imposed a fine of 1, and after paying were then released.

The women were then released after paying the fine.

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