Article by the Mayor of Deryneia: "The other side of the restrictions"

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The other side of the restrictions (Andros G. Karagiannis)

The corona pandemic has forced people to be more careful and take the necessary measures to reduce the spread. Several countries have implemented strict austerity measures in time, others with delays, as they did not expect the virus to spread so quickly.

In Cyprus the majority of the world has complied with the recommendations of experts and the relevant decrees, with of course some exceptions. The positive thing we have learned from this experience is the need to recall past tactics and remember old habits.

In this article we will talk about our experience in small municipalities or "neighborhoods", as some like to call us, and we will deal with the really lively neighborhoods, where life takes place behind the walls that surround the yards and the houses of each one.

Undoubtedly, the confinement of children at home with parents has strengthened the child-parent relationship, as as parents we spent more time with our children, joking, playing, laughing, shouting, something we may not have done before due to lack of time . Our children got to know the creative side of life, after painting every day, helping with household chores, doing their favorite hobby, reading books or looking at photo albums, taking initiatives and responsibilities. The traditional children's houses and small shops, which we all built during our childhood, also returned to the forefront.

Certainly many children have spent many hours in front of the screens, but advances in technology have made us unable to resist this great desire, which, unfortunately, can become a bad habit and, at worst, addiction.

Let us, however, keep the positives from the use of modern technology, since homework was done through electronic messages and texts on the computer or on the phone. Many grandparents chatted daily with their grandchildren on the phone using the camera, while many of us learned to communicate and meet via video conferencing. The daily program at home included music we downloaded from the internet or nice movies for the whole family. But the most important advantage of using modern technology is the processing and payment of bills and online shopping.

At the same time, the courtyards of the neighborhoods were flooded with voices and childish smiles. Many of us started talking to our neighbors again, even remotely, and socializing. The value of maintaining good neighborly relations has been seen through the neighborhoods, since the person in difficult times will need the help of the neighbor. Now we have just learned what it means to give and take, since in many neighborhoods housewives and especially young couples, exchanged products for the daily meal, but also traditional recipes. Sweets, fruits and vegetables from home gardens and family orchards were the main products of supply and return. We also learned that the act of offering a piece of sweet to a neighbor and he reciprocating it with something similar, which he just made, means that we have humanity inside us.

I hope we do not experience such forced restrictions again, but I am very afraid that as soon as we destroy the environment, the viruses will reappear. So let us keep the positives from this ordeal and let us continue to care for our neighbor, our neighbor and our fellow man, because the good man in difficulties shows his true self. In general, we have proved that as a small country we have several traditional human values, which are based on the strong foundations of the generosity of each of us individually.