EP.MAMOCHOSTOU: The owners of Leisure Centers recorded problems and shortages (VIDEO)

Entrepreneurs made an effort to highlight the problems of the industry - What the President of the Association of Leisure Centers, Vassos Xydias, says

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Shortly before the premiere of the return to normalcy as well as the return, as things stand, to the pre-coronary era for tourism, leisure centers are measuring their wounds and needs so that the industry can return to normal.

Needs and problems were recorded yesterday (15/2) by the local association of leisure center owners in free Famagusta.

According to the owners of the leisure centers, these are thousands of jobs that need to be filled, at a time when, as they report, the accuracy has reached the heights and many European workers have left Cyprus due to a pandemic.

In fact, according to them - as in the case of hoteliers - the eyes are turned to finding staff from third countries, asking for the contribution of the Ministry of Labor.

In a campaign organized by the Famagusta Leisure Center Owners Association, the shortcomings were recorded, in an effort to highlight the magnitude of the problem and raise awareness of those responsible for taking immediate measures to resolve them before the opening of the tourist season.

See the statements of Vassos Xydias, President of the Association of Leisure Famagusta: