Operation of the "Free University" in the free province of Famagusta

The operation of the "Free University" institution in the free province of Famagusta was decided by TEPAK and the Chamber of Famagusta

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The operation of the "Free University" institution, with the joint organization of a series of scientific lectures on issues of interest to the local community and the business world of the free province of Famagusta, in collaboration with other bodies, was decided today by the Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK). and the Famagusta Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EBEA).

The decision was taken during an event held on Monday, May 22, 2023, at the University Rector's building, with the aim of signing the renewal of the Cooperation Protocol between TEPAK and the Chamber of Famagusta. On behalf of TEPAK, the renewal of the Protocol was signed by the Rector, Professor Panagiotis Zafeiris and on behalf of the Famagusta Chamber, its President Mr. Augustinos Papathomas.

Zafeiris and Papathomas expressed their joy and satisfaction for the continuation of the cooperation between the two organizations and exchanged opinions and suggestions for further deepening it in various fields, such as the field of lifelong learning and education, through the organization of a series of lectures in the free province of Famagusta, within the framework of the "Free University".

The aim of these lectures will be to provide new knowledge, develop skills and cultivate free thinking around a wide range of issues of interest to the residents and entrepreneurs of the region, such as entrepreneurship, tourism, the economy, innovation, circular economy, high technology, artificial intelligence and agriculture, with the scientific contribution of the University's academic staff.

The Cooperation Protocol also provides for the organization of joint cultural, scientific and educational events and activities, the preparation of consulting-scientific studies, the participation in research and development programs, the exchange of information and know-how on matters of common interest and the placement of students in workplaces for practice purposes.

On behalf of TEPAK, the President of the Council Dr. Christos Chomatas, the Director of Administration and Finance of the University, Dr. Kostas Hoppas, the Head of the Service, Communication, Promotion and Internationalization, Dr. Marinos Voukis and other members of the University's administrative staff. On behalf of EBEA, the members of the Board of Directors Elina Patrioti, Konstantinos Pieridis and Rania Kyriakidou as well as the Secretary/Director Elena Michaelidis attended the event.