"8 days in the Ark" in Paralimni

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The Association of Parents and Guardians of the York Public and Community Kindergarten of Paralimni organizes the children's theatrical performance "8… dan in the ark" from the Mascarini Theater.

Sunday, November 12 at 4 in the closed room of the XNUMXnd Primary School of Paralimni.

Admission: € 3 for everyone

A work, an anthem to friendship, the acceptance of diversity and the importance of fighting for a better tomorrow, in collaboration with all the creatures of the earth. A play based on the award-winning German fairy tale "IN THE ARK AT 8" in a theatrical metaphor by Petros Konomos.

The theatrical transfer - adaptation and direction of the play is signed by Petros Konomou. The original music was written by Stylianos Gerasimou while the movement and choreography have been undertaken by Antigoni Tasouri with her assistant Stavrina Kousparou.

The design of the costumes and the tutorial have been undertaken by Maria Charalambous. The set was made by Dimitris Dimitriou. The actors in the play are: Petros Konomou, Maria Papakosta, Markos Ioulios Drousiotis, Petros Tigris and Stavros Konstantinou.

Petros Konomou
Maria Papakosta
Markos Ioulios Drousiotis
Petros Tigris
Stavros Konstantinou