The King and Queen of this year's Famagusta Carnival were presented (VIDEO+PICTURES)

Christiana Siopacha and Costas Florentzou will be this year's kings of the Famagusta district Carnival - See pictures and videos from today's presentation in Frenaros

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The King and Queen of this year's Famagusta Carnival have been unveiled – The full schedule of Famagusta Carnival events

The new King and Queen of this year's Famagusta Carnival were presented today, Wednesday, February 8, 2023, at a press conference held at the Frenarous Community Council.

It's about Christiana Siopaha which represents the Community Brakes and Kostas Florentzou who represents the Community Agios Georgios Acheritos. This year's King and Queen theme is "Musical Carnival".

The presentation was made in the presence of the Mayor of Paralimni, Mr. Theodorou Pyrilli, of the President of the Frenarous Community Council, Mr Michalis Hatzigiorka, of the President of the Community Council of Acheritos, Mr. Michalis Kauna of the Municipal Councilor of Deryneia, Mr. Annitas Lilli and the Municipal Councilor of Paralimni, Ms. Maria Moulazimi as well as members of the Famagusta Carnival Organizing Committee.

The Mayor of Paralimni, the Presidents of the Community Councils of Frenarous and Aheritou as well as the Municipal Councilors of Deryneia and Paralimni praised the spirit of cooperation that exists between the four local authorities, which, as they mentioned, is highlighted by the assumption of the role of King and Queen by representatives of the communities of Frenarous and Acheritou, since this role is held every year in rotation between the local authorities of the free province of Famagusta.

At the same time, they invited the public to participate in the events organized as part of the Famagusta Carnival and culminate with the great Carnival Parade on February 26, after a two-year absence due to the pandemic.

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The King and Queen of this year's Famagusta Carnival

Christiana Siopaha

Christiana Siopaha comes from Frenaros. She is a dance teacher and owner of the dance school "Horotheasi - Zebekikou Academy Dimitris Petropoulos" of which she is a representative and dance teacher in Famagusta District. He was involved in cultural events for several years. In 2017 she was elected Community Councilor of Frenarous and joined the cultural events committee. He has been participating in the Famagusta carnival since 2013 with the community of Frenarous, having the full responsibility of the team every year, leaving special impressions.

Kostas Florentzou

Kostas Florentzou was born and raised in Famagusta District. His artistic career began very early and he fell in love with music as a singer and later vocal teacher and founder of the "Domisol Music Academy" school. In 2021 he released his first song with the title "Orkisou" and in 2022 "My psychological". To date, he has collaborated with renowned artists such as Christos Dantes, Panos Psaltis, Dimitris Bassis, etc. Kostas Florentzou is a restless spirit who likes to evolve and pass on his musical knowledge to others. He is famous for the dynamism, creativity and kindness he shows every day to his students and fellow human beings. Also, he often voluntarily participates in charitable activities of Famagusta District.

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Ten-day program of events

On Swan Thursday, February 16 at 7 pm in the square of Agios Georgios in Paralimni, a big event will be organized with a musical program which will start with the solemn arrival of the king and queen of the Carnival. Afterwards, we "go wild" with plenty of food and drink from organized ensembles of the Municipality of Paralimni and music from the band "Laikons".

The Saturday 18 February the Associations of Parents and Guardians of the Primary Schools and Public and Community Kindergartens of Paralimni organize a Children's Carnival Party from 3 to 6 in the afternoon in the event hall of the XNUMXnd Primary School of Paralimni. Come with your children to have fun and ...carnivalize with a juggler, games, activities for children, music and dancing.

On Friday 24 February at 7:30 in the evening in the events hall of the Paralimni Town Hall, the Mandolinata of the Municipality of Paralimni and the "Anemoessa" Choir of the Metropolitan Church of Agios Georgios Paralimni invite us to a carnival concert with old carols and favorite Greek songs.

The Saturday 25 February, the eve of the Carnival parade, at 8 p.m., young and old carnival goers take part in the now established Night Foot Parade through the streets of Paralimni. The parade starts from Griva Digeni Street (old post office) and will end at Agios Georgiou Square where a party will be set up with music and entertainment.

The Carnival events culminate with the great Carnival Parade which returns again after a two-year absence due to the pandemic. The Carnival Parade starts at 2 in the afternoon Sunday, February 26 from the courtyard of the XNUMXnd Primary School of Paralimni, it will move through Protaras Avenue and end at the end of Agios Georgios Square. Hundreds of carnival-goers with marching groups and floats will once again participate in the most entertaining and welcoming carnival hosted by the province of Famagusta with the Municipality of Paralimni.