"Agia Thekla miraculously saved my sister"

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The story of Andreas Pieris from Deryneia is shocking, who tells the shocking testimony of his little sister who was saved, according to him, by a miraculous intervention during a heart operation in a hospital in England.

As Andreas Pieris narrates on the website ekklisiaonline.gr:

"Hello, I am the singer Andreas Pieris and I want to tell you a shocking miracle that happened to my little sister. She wishes to remain anonymous and asked me to write her story.

My little sister ten years ago, when she was only ten years old, was diagnosed with a very serious heart problem. A few days before she went for surgery in England, she saw Agia Thekla in her sleep, meanwhile she went with my family for a pilgrimage to the Holy Monastery of Panagia Macheiras.

When my sister went to England for surgery, the doctors told our parents that the operation would not succeed because her heart hole was large. "When the operation was over, the doctors told my mother that a miracle had happened and the hole had closed."

a1 Agia Thekla, Anthropina, Religion, Nea Famagusta