SOTIRA: Hundreds of damaged landfills - Outraged producers (VIDEO)

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At the mercy of God the producers of perishables, due to the new reality caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Producers in Sotira and beyond, due to the limited demand for pesticides in the market, have a large stock and are forced to throw hundreds of cucumbers and tomatoes in landfills every day, while in other cases they give them to animals for food.

Indicative is the video provided by, with the producers dumping tens of kilos of cucumbers, which could not be sold in the market due to the limited demand that exists with all this situation that we all experience.

As the president of the Producers' Organization SEDIGEP Sotiras, Marios Pantelis, tells, they must receive state aid. "

Mr. Pantelis explains that "many farmers are in debt, since almost a year after the outbreak of the pandemic, much of their production ended up feeding animals in landfills."

"In the summer months, there was no demand in previous years, due to the non-arrival of tourists, while the availability of products during the festive season was disappointing, as restaurants and taverns remained closed," notes Mr. Pantelis.