The Advantages of a Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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By Professor Nikos Anastasiou:

Our choice of degree is usually made before we make our professional decisions. Usually the reasons for this are either because of the course we liked at school, the career leader who said "it would be a good idea", the choice to study abroad, the pressure of parents for a steady job or because we did not know what else to choose. Rarely is a teenage student completely confident about his or her degree. After all, how can a teenage student be confident in an ever-changing work environment?

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Fortunately, postgraduate study is different. Someone who already has the privilege of completing an undergraduate degree at the University and has known the field of work better understands his / her strengths, weaknesses or interests and knows better the market and the work environment. More than a young person who worked occasionally during the summer months, and has more mature views and has shaped his ambitions. Therefore, education works more to develop the level of knowledge, than to understand a specific field of interest or to gain a better position in the work environment.

The advantages of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) are becoming increasingly apparent. First of all, whether one has a business management education or not, one has taken the first steps in society. From these initial steps, it immediately becomes apparent that as there is specialized knowledge from the very first degree, an MBA graduate has comparative advantages. With the MBA one can expand his knowledge but also better understand the field of work and prospects which are much more obvious with this type of training. Finally, with the MBA it is like showing that you want to be successful, or take a leadership role, that you have ambition and that you want to progress professionally.

The Master in Business Administration will make one's goals a reality. You become a better candidate with this academic qualification. Usually, one has to start the MBA with the appropriate mentality. It is not just a higher level of academic qualification. It is a mature career choice. That one wants to learn and wants to progress. That one has the capabilities and desire to be a senior professional. The MBA is a certificate to excel in one's career field.

To benefit from the MBA one must have a thirst for learning, curiosity in the good sense, an opinion on every field, topic and every field. The MBA is academic and professional, requires research and personal skills, and is career-oriented, where we all belong and aspire. Even if we have an academic education in the field of management, we all have an opinion on business issues, on a marketing campaign, on a good administration, on motivation, productivity, on customer service, on finances. We have all seen bad examples of all of the above and yes, we want to do everything right. We want to run a business and make a difference. An MBA will help us with just that.

The way to a good MBA is to have an opinion on all aspects, such as Marketing, Management, Human Resources Management, Finance and more. To do a good job, to make it authentic with your ideas and research. Then, for sure, it will be a good result. Whatever degree you take, the process alone will have provided a good result. One must agree but also disagree with one's teacher or fellow students, have an opinion, support it and listen to the views of others. These "controversies" are more important than book theory. An educated person is the type of person one needs in an organization. With the benefits of the MBA one will feel full and with increased confidence.

But which MBA? The most appropriate MBA is the one that is closest to one's home. The one that meets his needs, understands the local businesses and offers a relevant qualification, is the one that is closest to the place of residence.

Internapa College is a specialized college in the field of Hospitality and Tourism Management and offers the opportunity for a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in the needs of the local market in high quality facilities and aesthetically upgraded. It is located right next to us in the free area of ​​Famagusta and specifically in Sotira with an excellent academic staff and understanding the local market, the sector of tourism and hospitality and services. Understands not only the local community but also the exact direction and knowledge one needs to take to meet the demands of the local market.

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Internapa College understands the needs of students and offers quality business education, for better personalities, better professionals who can adapt their requirements to the needs of not only the local market but also the wider business world globally. It offers education that opens horizons and offers opportunities for development and progress.

Professor Nikos Anastasiou, Rector of InterNapa College

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