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SotiraNews managed to secure the last tickets for the concert of Eleonora Zouganeli next Saturday, July 18 at the Paralimni Amphitheater and gives them a 25% discount, from € 20 to € 15. Contact us now on our website and get the latest tickets for Eleonora Zouganeli's concert in the following ways:

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Eleonora Zouganeli is coming from a triumphant year!

After her sold out concerts at the Herodeion and the Athens Concert Hall, which were attended by thousands of people and received triumphant comments from the press, but also her extremely successful this year - also sold out - theatrical presence in the PIAF show, she meets her friends again. the whole of Greece with a program of all material.

Eleonora Zouganeli is touring around Greece, with songs from her entire repertoire in a special musical performance. An unpredictable, subversive program, with Eleonora on stage sharing the songs we always want to hear and sing, in a recital based on her unique voice and presence. And as in every appearance, she will give and receive love. This summer she will present a program full of wonderful songs that we have loved from her personal discography, but also what she has loved from the Greek and foreign music scene. A show with its aesthetics and its stamp.

With each appearance she confirms her exuberant personality and submits her own identity, the "soundtrack of her own generation", which accommodates choices of a world music scene, different cultures, bold mixes, but also her youthful and recent melodic experiences. That is why her concerts always attract a lot of people and especially people of all ages.

Excellent musicians play with her: Angelopoulos Giannis - drums, Kalantzakos Nikos - piano / orchestration, Kitsos Paraskevas - bass, Barbagalas Dimitris - guitar, Economidis Giannis - trumpet, Pasalidis Nikos - bouzouki, Hatziordanos Konstantinou.

Sound: Argyris Lianos - Brian Coon
Lighting Design and Handling: Vasilis Karamouzis