"Green light" for IVF clinics in Cyprus

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The Plenary Session of the House of Representatives unanimously passed a bill regulating the operation of medically assisted reproduction units and methods of medical reproduction and surrogacy.

The Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Health, Costas Konstantinou, said that the legislative regulation of the issue has occupied the Health Committee since 2005, when a bill was submitted by Sotiris Sampson, to whom, as he stated, the paternity of the law belongs.

He added that the bill on the licensing and operation of assisted reproduction units and the regulation of surrogacy was submitted to Parliament in February 2014, but due to the seriousness and complexity of the issues regulated by its discussion, it has lasted until now.

He went on to say that the new law extends the application of assisted reproduction to unmarried couples and single people. He also added that the surrogate mother will be obliged to hand over the child (or children) to the parents, as agreed.

He stated that it ensures the interest of the child born with assisted reproduction and to protect the woman or the couple from unethical practices.

Finally, he said that the Health Committee will monitor the implementation of the law and where there are gaps it will amend the law or supplement it.

AKEL MP Stella Misiaouli noted that for the first time such complex issues are regulated by law and assured that if problems arise in the implementation, amendments will be made or gaps will be filled.

DIKO MP Athena Kyriakidou characterized as a very important fact that the number of embryos is determined, that the anonymity of the donor is regulated and that strict penalties are included for those who commit illegal acts.

EDEK MP Roula Mavronikola said that the Movement welcomes the passage of the law, after many crossings in the constituencies. He added that he abolishes bad practices and described as important the fact that the bill reached the Plenary Session of the Parliament unanimously. He also characterized as important the fact that the issue of the surrogate mother is regulated.

Mr Sampson welcomed the passage of the law, saying that couples who have difficulty obtaining children by the natural method will be able to taste the joy of father and mother and have children safely.

Both the Speaker of Parliament Giannakis Omirou and the Chairman of the Health Committee expressed wishes to the Member of Parliament and member of the Committee, Adamos Adamou for a short recovery. Mr. Adamou suffered a fainting spell in the morning while he was in a session of the Parliamentary Committee.

Source: KYPE