Costas Koumis: A supporter of the Savior in the battle of the elections

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A man who in every way and opportunity supports Sotira and the whole province of Famagusta goes down in the battle of the elections. They are Costas Koumis, the Vice President of CTO and the director of TEVEA, Costas Koumis, who is running as a candidate on the ballot of the Democratic Alarm Famagusta.

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The posting of the announcement of his candidacy:


Starting from our proud origin and with a guide of responsibility and reminder of the remarkable achievements of our Province, which pioneered all the historical struggles of our country and which lifted on its back the economy of the whole country a few times, I announce my decision as I will run in the May parliamentary elections with the Democratic Alarm faction.

My decision was made after deep thought and intense reflection and it was certainly not easy. However, my decision is nothing more than a normal extension of what I have done so far, as for years I have been participating in all the struggles to defend the interests of this Province, but also of the whole country during the last two years in the field of tourism.

I believe that the time has come and the time has come like one of us, who has been nurtured by the patriotic realism of Glafkos Clerides and who has been healed in body and soul in the free and wounded Province of Famagusta, as he declared his active presence in the parliamentary elections.
Our Province thunderously declared its presence in all the historical struggles of the island, national, social, economic. What should we remember first?

The port of Famagusta that was a beacon of development, the participation of our Province in the National Liberation Struggle of EOKA, the heroic battles of 1974 or the strong presence of our Province in the economic development of the country.

It is time and time again for all of us to shout together that we demand more, we demand a stronger presence in the decision-making centers and certainly a fairer distribution of the national resources of the country to our Province.

It is, after all, the fertile soil of Kokkinochoria that pioneered the export of agricultural products, taking us out of the economic impasse of the first years after the Turkish invasion.

It is on the beaches of the city of Famagusta that the foundation of our country's tourism was laid to make Cyprus an internationally competitive tourist destination, and it is the beaches of Protaras and Ayia Napa that took the baton of continuation of this promising course after 1974. .

I have the view girlfriends and boyfriends,

That the time has come to join forces and to dynamically reposition our Province and its achievements dynamically on the political map.
It is at the same time the time and the moment, to approach politics differently, to focus on the essence of politics, to leave aside the daily meetings and the old-fashioned games of collecting votes.

It is time for us all to behave responsibly, seriously and thoughtfully, aiming at the social and economic upgrading of our country.

Let us not forget that we are all citizens of a semi-occupied homeland, but also of a state that has experienced economic disasters, scandals and games of corruption and entanglement.

So it's time to look at politics differently and focus on the substance, investing in people with genuine knowledge of our place and international experiences.

On May 22, friends,

I will be there, as another option, an option emerging from the bowels of our place, the Province of Famagusta.

The photo was taken at a place that testifies to the genuine Greekness of this place, in the Cape of the Greeks, the well-known Cavo Greko.

Here one can gaze at the martyrdom peninsula of Karpasia, here where the waves from the gulf of Famagusta come to feel moments of freedom,

Here we, the inhabitants of Kokkinochoria, go at least once a year for purification,

This is where the two huge shoulders of the Cypriot economy, Protaras and Ayia Napa, meet.

Watch the exclusive video from the speech of Mr. Koumis during the Tasting Night of Kolokassi in 2014:

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Starting from our proud origin and with a guide of responsibility and reminder of the remarkable achievements.
Posted by Costas Koumis at Saturday, 12 March 2016

Who is Costas Koumis:

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I first saw the sunlight in November 1977, in the town of Paralimni.

My parents, two wonderful people of toil and hard work, pure bio-wrestlers of life who offered us literally everything. Panagiotis Koumis and Barbara, the genus Konstantis Loizou-Mallouri. I am the third child in the family, having the happiness of growing up under the loving eyes of my two older brothers, Elias and Cornelia.

Our parents were the first to teach us that in life we ​​set realistic goals and make a constant effort to achieve them, relying primarily on our own strengths. They taught us that success is overcoming our limits, what common sense defines itself, and that every failure is the basis of a new success. But the most important thing is that they taught us that either barefoot or raked we have to walk with our heads held high.

I learned my first letters in the 1995nd Primary School of Paralimni and then I attended the High School and the Lyceum of Paralimni from where I graduated in 1995. I served my military service in the Navy, in the period 1997-1996, collecting several memories from the heroic August of XNUMX, the heroic August of Tasos and Solomos.

I studied Business Administration in the United Kingdom and in the course of my life I continued with postgraduate studies in Communication.

In 2002 I married the love of my life, Maria Georgiou Synesi, originally from neighboring Deryneia and the occupied Rizokarpaso. I was happy to have two children, Georgiana and Panagiotis.

From 2002 until today I have worked in the House of Representatives as a scientific associate of the Democratic Alarm, in a Private School of Higher Education as Director and in the Chamber of Famagusta as Director of Communication. Today I work at the Famagusta Tourism Commercial & Industrial Company as a Manager.

On January 1, 2014, I was honorably appointed to the Board of Directors of CTO by the President of the Republic, while since March 2014 I have been serving on the Board. and the tourism of our country from the position of Vice President.

I have represented our country several times in international conferences. Previously at youth conferences and the last two years in my capacity as Vice President of the CTO.

My decision to run in the upcoming Parliamentary Elections is the normal extension of my action so far, as since 2002 I have been continuously serving our Province and the common good, from various positions.

I believe that especially in the last six years I have performed my own transcendence, serving the very expensive interests of all of us in our Province, with passion and courage under extremely peculiar conditions.

In general, I believe that engaging with the public requires personal transgressions and a deposit of soul. Those who have worked with me can testify to both as characteristic elements of my character.

I will do the same if I am elected as a Representative of the people in the House of Representatives on May 22, 2016.

This is my simple personal commitment. I think that is the least we can do ".

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