Farage will not be a candidate in the British parliamentary elections

CEB1 382 Brexit, News, Great Britain
CEB1 382 Brexit, News, Great Britain

Nigel Farage, the former leader of Britain's Europhobic Ukip party and one of the "architects" of Brexit, announced today that he will not run in the June parliamentary elections.

The 53-year-old Farage explained in his daily political show on LBC radio that he prefers to defend Brexit from Strasbourg as an MEP and not in Westminster, where he has never been an elected member of the House of Commons.

The Ukip co-founder ran in seven British parliamentary elections but was never elected. "I want to put maximum pressure on the European Parliament (…) so I am not going to run in this parliamentary election," he said.

Ukip, the winner of the 2014 European elections, emerged as the third largest political force in Britain in the 2015 elections with 13%. But according to the latest YouGov poll, his percentage has dropped to 7% today.

Source: Newsbeast