All-day teachers' strike next week

a 133 Strike, News, Education, Education System
a 133 Strike, News, Education, Education System

The teachers decided to go on an all-day strike next week.

The decision was taken at a meeting earlier of the Board of POED and after the vote by the Plenary Session of the Parliament of the bill on the system of teacher appointment.

The details of the strike as well as the other measures will be announced at a press conference next Wednesday.

It is noted that the POED, earlier held a protest event outside the Parliament at the same time as a debate in the Plenary Session of the Parliament, for the amendments submitted by the Ministry of Education and Culture, regarding the New Draft Appointments.

The POED demands the suspension of the implementation of the New Appointments Plan until they finally clarify the issues that are pending and which the Ministry of Education, according to the Organization, has been unable to answer for three months when the issue is discussed in the Education Committee of the Parliament.

Source: Philenews