"PETRA" went up to Sotira

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A play full of memories of the turbulent history of 20th century Germany and full of messages about the "invasion" of the other had the opportunity to enjoy the spectators who attended on Thursday, February 6 at the Municipal Theater of Savior, the main stage of THOK in the province of Famagusta.

The play stars Annita Santoriniou, Neoklis Neokleous, Stella Fyrogeni, Antonia Charalambous, Elena Papadopoulou, Niovi Charalambous, while the direction was by Athena Xenidou.

Marius Von Mayenburg's "The Stone" deals with the sixty years of German history (1935-1993) in a very intelligent way. A house that changes hands between three families. A play about the invasion of the "other", about the possession of foreign property, the search for identity and the attempt to discover the truth. Perhaps the most turbulent period in modern history unfolds free of sermons and didactics in a work that strongly resembles the Cypriot reality.

The audience of the province of Famagusta will have the opportunity to enjoy all the performances of the Theatrical Organization of Cyprus at the Municipal Theater of Sotiras, such as the work of George Tzavellas "We have a life" on February 18 and the work of Henry Ibsen "The Enemy of the People ”On March 19.

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