The "manifesto" of Brexit is being prepared

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Great Britain is going for a tough divorce with the European Union
It will focus on two major issues, one concerning EU exit procedures and the other the country's internal affairs

Britain's ruling Conservative party's election manifesto will focus on Brexit and domestic issues such as boosting the economy and imposing a cap on energy prices, Home Secretary Damian Green, in charge of Labor and Labor, said yesterday.

"The manifesto will address two major issues facing the country, one is obviously the Brexit process, but the other, which is equally important, is the agenda of internal affairs," the minister told ITV Peston on Sunday. .

"There will be a lot of reference to energy policy in the manifesto; I think people feel that some of their big energy companies have been exploited by taxes," he added.

The facts
It is worth noting, however, that the British Prime Minister Theresa May seems determined for a tough divorce with the European Union (EU). This is confirmed by two facts. First, on Tuesday, he surprised everyone by submitting a request for early recourse to the polls, a request that was accepted by an overwhelming majority on Wednesday by the House of Commons.

Second, according to a Daily Mail article citing unnamed Conservative sources, May will formally commit in the run-up to the June 8 snap-election to end the free movement of EU citizens to Britain.

According to the report, in her manifesto for the elections, the British Prime Minister will also commit that her country will withdraw from the EU single market and the European Court of Justice, the same publication states.

It is constantly strengthening
And while the country is heading for early elections, Theresa May's Conservative Party maintains a 19 percentage point lead over Labor, according to an Opinium poll, boosted by the fall of both the main opposition party and the Europhobic party. UKIP, in view of the early elections on June 8.

According to an online poll conducted on April 19 and 20, 45% of those polled said they would vote for the ruling Tory party, which is up 7 percentage points from the previous Opinium poll (April 11-13, before Theresa May's proposal for early elections). The Labor Party holds 26%, (-3), while UKIP secures 9% (-5). The Liberal Democrats rose to 11% (+4).

Sweeping victory for Scottish Conservative Party
At the same time, however, the Scottish Conservative Party gained a 10 percentage point lead over the Scottish Workers' Party, according to a poll released today. According to the same source, the polling company Survation, the Conservatives have 28%, while the Scottish National Party remains first in the voters' preferences with 43%.

The latest Survey poll for Scotland, conducted on behalf of the Sunday Post, shows the Scottish Conservatives at their highest level of voting to date in either Westminster (London parliament) or Hollywood (decentralized). Scottish Parliament) ", the company states in a statement.
According to the company, 1.018 Scots were polled in the poll between April 18-21.

Nothing given, says May
For her part, however, Theresa May says she does not take anything for granted in the run-up to the June snap-election, while opinion polls suggest the Conservatives will win a landslide victory. "The election campaign has just begun.

I do not take anything for granted. "The result is not certain," he said in a speech at GlaxoSmithKline's factory in Maidenhead. The British Prime Minister also confirmed that the Conservatives' commitment to spending 0,7% of GDP on foreign aid will be kept, following rumors that it will not be included in the party manifesto in view of the new election contest.

"Let us be clear, 0,7% remains and will remain. "What we need to do, however, is look at how that money will be spent and make sure we can spend that money in the most efficient way."

Source: Today