"We suddenly lost our little boy": The father of 5-year-old Marios, who was killed by a window, is inconsolable

The father of the 5-year-old in Thessaloniki, who died when he fell on a glass window, is devastated.

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The parents of the unfortunate 5-year-old are devastated Thessaloniki, Greece, who passed away when he fell on glass window.

According to what was conveyed to Proto Thema by the son of the president of the Roma of the area, Panagiotis Karagounis, who is with the parents, everything happened at around 12.00 noon, when the five-year-old Marios was playing with a friend in the settlement.

Thessaloniki: What the father of the unfortunate 5-year-old said

"My little boy fell into the window while he was playing with his toy car and it broke into pieces," the father of the five-year-old Marios, who died at noon on Thursday, in a Roma settlement in Tsairia, Thessaloniki, tells protothema.gr .

"He was very happy when he went for walks. As he was playing, he fell on the glass and it shattered. The glasses went into my child's right side," she says.

Thessaloniki, 5 years old

"We were very scared. We took the child and took him in the farm car to the health center. There they told us that things are very difficult and that he will need to be transferred to a hospital even if we can manage it. Unfortunately we didn't make it. We are very bad now, we have lost our child suddenly", he notes.

"The two children were playing in the yard. The five-year-old walked towards the glass of the shack he lived in, which was quite fake and fragile. This broke and his glasses caused many wounds, with one being stuck in the side like a knife, entering the lung and injuring him in the artery", said Panagiotis Karagounis.

Thessaloniki, Greece

The minor child was taken by his parents and grandfather in the farm car to Thermi Health Center and the doctors deemed it necessary for him to be transferred immediately to the G. Gennimatas hospital, which has a Pediatric Surgery Unit. "The child was taken with police escort to the hospital, in order to arrive quickly, but he ended up dead. "Unfortunately, this is the second accident that has occurred in the settlement, after the death of the 6-year-old child," he notes.

According to Mr. Karagounis, the two children were allegedly playing with a small car and in his attempt to get it first, little Marios ran and leaned against the window of the shack, as a result of which it fell on him and seriously injured him.

Thessaloniki: The difficult times in the hospital

In the courtyard of G. Gennimatas, scenes of "ancient tragedy" unfolded as soon as the parents and relatives of the child were informed by the doctors about the tragic outcome. "Doctor, please do something, save our child, our little child," sobbed the father, as the mother collapsed to the ground and recovered after being treated by hospital staff.

The preliminary investigation has been undertaken by the Thermi Police Department, with investigations in full swing in order to clarify exactly how the tragic incident took place.


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