Thessaloniki: Georgia's partner was convicted four times for beating his sister

He is being taken to the coroner's office today together with his friend - Both have been charged with manslaughter in a calm state of mind

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The two arrested for the brutal murder of 41-year-old Georgia, whose body was found on Monday afternoon in a bushy area near Monopigado, a week after her disappearance, will be brought to the Thessaloniki Courthouse today.

Criminal proceedings have been brought against the 39-year-old partner of the unfortunate woman and his 34-year-old friend for the felonies of manslaughter in a calm state of mind, termination of pregnancy, robbery (all in complicity), as well as the misdemeanors of illegal carrying and using weapons.

After the arrest warrants, the two defendants for the brutal murder that "froze" the Panhellenic nation, will cross the "threshold" of the 4th regular investigator, while they are expected to request a deadline to apologize in the coming days.

From the forensic examination carried out on the body of the 41-year-old woman and brought to "light" by, it emerged that the victim had a wound in the right cervical region, a cross-section of all the vessels, and received three blows with a kitchen knife, which caused uncontrollable bleeding. Her body was found in a bag in Monopigado Thermi late Monday afternoon.

What does the 39-year-old stand for?

In the meantime, according to information, the 39-year-old partner of the victim, who from the first moment was the main suspect in the case, still denies having anything to do with the homicide of the 41-year-old woman, who was the mother of a 13-year-old child and she was in her third month of pregnancy.

The 39-year-old presents himself as "furious" and "angry" to the police and claims that his friend - his co-accused - is targeting him and does not know why he is implicating him in the brutal murder of his partner.

The accused claims that on that fateful New Year's night he had taken a "heavy sleeping pill" to sleep and when he woke up in the morning the woman was not at home. He claims that his friend, together with an unknown accomplice, murdered Georgia and he himself did not realize the slightest because he was asleep.

"I didn't do anything, everything happened at night while I was sleeping," he reportedly told the police.

Nine complaints and four convictions for beating his sister

The 39-year-old Akis was known to the authorities for his violent past, as he has been arrested and convicted several times for beating his sister, while he has also been accused of abuse by his ex-wife, with whom he has two children. .

Specifically, he has been irrevocably convicted of beating his sister:

-In 2 years and 3 months in 2021 for dangerous domestic bodily harm and illegal carrying of a weapon.

– To nineteen months in 2022 for domestic bodily harm, domestic threatening and verbal abuse.

– In thirteen months in 2023 domestic bodily harm and domestic threat.

– In six months in 2021 for domestic threat.

In addition, 5 more crimes are pending trial, two of which are to be tried within the next month.

"The accused has been charged by our principal and his sister with nine counts of domestic violence, threats against her life, and weapons violations. Four of them have already been tried and an equal number of irrevocable convictions have been issued, with which the defendant has been sentenced to a total of more than five years", the criminal lawyer representing the 39-year-old's sister told Antonis Karagiannis.

Ex-wife beating

The "bully" accused of murdering his partner, did not only hit his sister but also his ex-wife who told that she could have been in Georgia's position and described the nightmare she was living.

"I could be in Georgia's position," says the ex-wife of the 39-year-old accused of murdering the 41-year-old woman in Thessaloniki, together with his accomplice.

Speaking in a "breaking" voice, the woman with whom the perpetrator has two children and they divorced a few years ago, emphasizes that in the seven years they were married, she had been the victim of abusive behavior and brutal beatings by the defendant many times.

"We were together for seven years and he was always violent, hitting me because he was jealous and about the money. He was very violent, he wouldn't let me go out, I took care of the house and the children by myself and there was a lot of wood," says the woman.

The punch in the eye

"I had reported him to the police several times. In the first incident he hit me in the eye and we generally had tensions. He was violent, he beat me out of his jealousy, he didn't want me to work and when he didn't like something there was wood. In 2018 we went to a lawyer to get a divorce. He remarried and was then convicted of bigamy," he notes.

“It seemed that he was capable of killing me and every Georgian, that he could do such a thing. He was very jealous and always wanted money. When Georgia disappeared and I saw it, I knew from the first moment that he did it. I even realized that the messages were his. Unfortunately, he will sit inside for 15-20 years and then he will come out, but the girl is not coming back. I was lucky and escaped. I went to lose my eye from a punch he threw at me," the woman reports.

He was holding her hand a little while before he killed her – Video document

In the meantime, in a video document published yesterday by, the defendant can be seen holding the hand of the 41-year-old woman and walking together on the street, just a short time before he met a horrible death with three stab wounds to the neck.

Watch the video documentary:

41-year-old Georgia walks with her partner and holds his hand, minutes before he kills her

In the video recorded by store security cameras on New Year's Eve, the 41-year-old pregnant woman can be seen carelessly walking along with her partner, holding shopping bags in her hands, on Ethnikis Antistaseos Street, a few meters away from the house where the couple lived.

The hands of the clock show about ten minutes before 11pm and, according to information, the couple are returning by taxi to their apartment, after the 39-year-old accused went to pick up the unfortunate woman from her work. Tragic irony that the woman was walking down the sidewalk holding her partner's hand, not knowing that she would die about an hour later.

This video is one of those included in the case file. According to information, footage from security cameras of a different store in the area shows the moment when the 39-year-old carries the body of the 41-year-old inside a suitcase - a type of trunk - together with his 34-year-old accomplice who confessed to his participation in the murder.