The 80-year-old killed his wife with knives in the abdomen in Thessaloniki – Their nephew spotted them

The man was found half-sad next to the lifeless body of the 87-year-old woman

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The 80-year-old man who was found semi-sad at noon on Thursday, next to the lifeless body of his 87-year-old wife, is being treated at the Papanikolaou hospital in Thessaloniki. The woman was found in a "lake" of blood with stab wounds, in the kitchen of the apartment they lived in in the Harilaou area, in Thessaloniki.

According to information from, the elderly man is judged to be the "number one" suspect for the homicide and for this reason the police officers are at the hospital from the first moment. The 80-year-old is hospitalized in the "Papanikolau" Emergency department, he is out of danger and is in contact with the environment, however he does not say a word to the doctors about how the incident happened and what happened to his wife.

The crime was discovered early Thursday afternoon when the couple's nephew became concerned that they were not answering the phone and visited the apartment at 33 Seferi Street to check on their well-being. Then, he saw the woman dead in a "pool" of blood with a large gash in her abdomen and her husband lying next to her in the kitchen.

According to information, a knife was found stuck in the abdomen of the elderly woman, while the rescuers found that she had cuts on her wrists and wounds on her face, probably with some object.

According to neighbors, the couple had not created problems with fights and seemed to be in love. However, a young woman who lives in the same apartment building reported that last Saturday at noon, the woman rang her doorbell and appeared to be crying and scared.

According to the young woman, the 87-year-old did not have her keys and "she asked me if I can open for her. I, however, because I was alone with a friend at home and I was afraid to open up to strangers, I asked to come later when my parents would be there, which did not happen."

"The woman was terrified, she was crying and saying 'please open for me' and shouting from below. We went out to the balcony and asked her to come out a little further from the intercom so we could see her from the balcony," he said.

It is noted that the autopsy that will be performed on the woman's body is expected to be completed today, while the statement that the 80-year-old will give to the police officers of the Crimes Against Life and Personal Freedom Department of the Thessaloniki Security Directorate is considered crucial.